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Today, aesthetic technology industry is thriving with the advent of many modern beauty techniques and methods. Beauty cosmetology is a common name for many areas, including: makeup, Spa- skin care, treatment of skin problems (acne, freckles, tattoo removal, ..), phum Cosmetic tattoo (tattoo, spray, sculpture, ...).

It is because beauty is not a temporary trend but it is always parallel in any age and is an essential need of every gender, so this industry needs a large force of skilled technicians to answer social needs. If you master these skills, you can confidently develop yourself, seize attractive career opportunities, and then build a good life in your own way.

"A profession for nine is more than nine jobs"

And to support and support young people or anyone who wants to develop themselves with beauty - beauty care, Miss Tram ACADEMY Academy introduces attractive learning programs that match modern trends.

Directly standing class is the prestigious experts and lecturers in the profession, especially with the participation of Grand Master Dong Bao Tram with over 20 years of experience in training and operating Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center. With knowledgeable knowledge, dedication and love of profession, Miss Tram experts will help students build a solid foundation and develop their careers with the natural and professional aesthetic techniques. Not only that, the courses at Miss Tram also convey to students a lot of practical experience in the profession that will not necessarily be studied at any center or school. This will become a baggage, bringing your future forward, helping you confidently send good things to life.


Introducing MissTram Academy - Introducing MissTram Academy

Miss Tram ACADEMY regularly starts skin care and beauty salon courses such as:

1. Tattoo, embroidery, eyebrow-eye-lips spray

You (eyebrows, eyebrows)

+ Proficient in embroidery and sculpting techniques (3D - 9D) according to the most advanced technology in Europe

+ Studying eyebrow esthetics technologies such as Microblading & Sandy, Eyebrow Powder Coating 3D, Korean Powder Puffing Spray, ..

+ How to edit the shape, the old embroidery eyebrow yarn into a new Sculpture

+ The way to recover eyebrows used to work but failed

+ Using a gold ratio ruler for European standard eyebrows

+ How to assess the shape of the eyebrows, the eyebrow match the ratio of the face

+ How to mix color ink according to standard formula, help you durable long-term

+ Understand how to fix common mistakes in the process of implementing aesthetic

Lips (lips, lips)

+ Understand the lip spray techniques such as Full Lips (Aqua Lips), Ombre Lips, Queen Lips, Collagen lip spray, glossy silk spray, crystal spray, ...

+ Mastering basic environmental treatment process to advanced

+ The perfect way to handle the cases of damaged lips, opaque colors, lips with holes, lips with edging, hurt lips, ... new lips with beautiful colors

+ How to mix standard ink colors, suitable for each lip condition to help lips color perfectly

+ Understand the secret of edging lips, reshaping the lip shape to create the most beautiful and harmonious lips

2. Makeup specialist

+ Understand modern makeup trends

+ Makeup techniques suitable for each face, each age and different topics such as work, party, street, bride, ...

+ The secret of combining colors in makeup, skin recognition, drawing eyebrows, ...

3. Artisans connect mi, bending eyelashes, sculpting eyelids

+ Grasp the technology of silk eyelash extensions 3D angel, connect the lashes of black roses naturally and sexually

+ Proficient in classic eyeliner spray techniques, eyeliner eyeliner, eyeliner magic make up, .. and spray / sculpture techniques of natural eyelids, water eyelids, fish tail eyelids, phoenix eyelids, eyelid, ...

+ The manipulation of open eyelid micro-sculpting is the most professional and accurate

+ Good handling of errors in the process of implementation

4. Treatment of acne, pitting scars thoroughly 100%

+ Understand how to identify different types of acne (blackheads, pustules, acne, subcutaneous acne, endocrine acne, ...) with their characteristics and harms

+ Proficient in the skills to test and clean up acne patients in accordance with medical standards

+ Grasp the Fractional CO2 Laser nebulization and pulse incubation skill

5. Care and treatment for advanced skin

  • + Analyzing the causes and giving treatments for acne, melasma, freckles, aging ...
  • + Understand the technique of intensive exfoliation, how to massage toxins to help rejuvenate the skin
  • + Know how to use modern skin care machines such as skin scanners, mechanical lifters, electrophoresis machines, ...

Each program at Miss Tram is carefully compiled, the curriculum focuses on practical skills with more than 80% of the observation time, performing manipulation on real samples.

Each topic of study not only teaches the principles of implementation, but all auxiliary factors such as in-depth knowledge of technology, how to use machinery and equipment, how to mix color ink (for embroidery spraying). The beauty of the lips and the lips, the way to assess the customer status and the results after completion, ... are fully conveyed.

In addition, students are trained in crisis resolution skills with their customers, and share their craft secrets to make a difference, and especially the aesthetic look in many different perspectives from which to self believe to create results beautiful - natural - most harmonious.


Participating in Miss Tram training classes, students will receive many exciting opportunities:

+ Extremely preferential tuition

+ Full set of apparatus and tools throughout the course

+ Be guided to practice on real people (sponsors models for free practice)

+ Exams for vocational certificates issued The Vietnam National General Department of Vocational Training provides lifetime validity across the country

+ Links & certification support with Legal training center in the United States, Australia

+ Teaching with textbooks with 3 language (at the request of students): Vietnamese, English, Chinese

+ There are classes on demand: for students preparing to exit, need to open a store, overseas Vietnamese return home, study groups, study, study online, get a degree - certificate, ...

+ Free many very attractive free classes for students when signing up for a full course of eyebrow and lip esthetics

+ There is a dormitory (luxurious, clean, convenient) for distant students


  • + Miss Tram pledged the output, 100% of trainees have strong skills
  • + Opportunity to receive Scholarships of up to VND 200 million and high-wage jobs at Miss Tram

After graduating from Miss Tram ACADEMY beauty courses, you can apply to major beauty salons, beauty salons nationwide, even build your own property with the most professional and confident skills. .

“If you love beauty salon but don't know where to start and where to study, don't hesitate to contact Miss Tram. Experts will listen to your aspirations, give you dedicated advice to promote your passion, conquer career dreams. ”

Miss Miss Academy Academy - Introducing MissTram Academy


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