Skin Health Is Affected By What Factors 5

Skin Health Is Affected By What Factors

Miss Tram Academy I often hear you complain: Why do you take good care of your skin, but you still don't have a smooth skin like others? Perhaps this question will be a common question for many people, so today Miss Tram Academy wants to share with you an article about factors that affect skin health, so that you can get The best skin care at home.

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Factors Affecting Skin Health Need to Know

Skin health is affected by both internal and external factors. When the skin is in good health, it will show outward features such as smooth, shiny and rosy skin. On the contrary, the skin will become gray, with many defects such as acne, wrinkles, dryness, etc. There are factors you cannot interfere with, but there are still many factors that can be overcome and improved so that the skin has a best health.

Influential factors from within

1. Heredity

Factors affecting skin health

The first factor that affects the skin is the genetic factor. It will determine the type of skin you have, such as oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, etc. and affects the condition of the skin. Some skin problems are caused by genetics such as atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, etc. People born with a genetic deficiency in Filaggrin (a protein found in the skin) have skin with a functional barrier. weak and prone to sensitive skin and prone to atopic dermatitis. 

In addition, genetics also determine the biological aging time of the skin. If premature aging is influenced by external factors, biological aging is determined by genetic factors.

Identifying genetic skin problems can help you find ways to take care of and prevent external influences for better skin.

2. Hormones

You've probably heard of hormonal changes that lead to skin problems. When hormone levels in the body change, the skin will suffer certain effects such as causing acne during puberty, hormones that increase pigmentation leading to the formation of melasma during pregnancy, women in Menopausal age can lack estrogen hormone leading to moisture imbalance, changes in skin structure and causes skin atrophy, etc.

With hormonal changes, you cannot overcome them completely, but you can only apply skin care methods to minimize its effects on the skin.

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3. Age

Skin Health Is Affected By What Factors 6

Age also affects skin health. As we age, the skin's ability to absorb nutrients gradually weakens, and the body cannot synthesize the substances necessary to maintain the skin's vitality. collagen causing the connective tissue to break, forming wrinkles, … 

External influences

1. Environment and climate

Factors affecting skin health

The first factor that has a huge impact on skin health is the environment and climate. The environmental factors that have the greatest influence are UV rays. UV rays will create free radicals that destroy cells, causing the skin's protective layer to be weakened and broken, causing the skin to encounter various problems such as acne, darkening, pigmentation, aging and even cancer. letters. In addition, polluted air contains harmful substances that cause the skin to clog, form acne, the skin also gradually becomes weak and easily irritated.

Climate also has certain effects, when the temperature changes, the skin will turn on defense mode to protect. However, it is these things that seriously affect the health of the skin. Skin can dry out when it's cold, produce oil, and break out in heat when it's hot.

2. How to take care of your skin

Skin Health Is Affected By What Factors 7

Skin care practices also affect skin health. With proper care, the skin can have a good health, smooth skin, bright white and limit common problems. Otherwise, the skin will gradually become weaker, more sensitive and problems will also appear. 

Some of the wrong skin care methods can be mentioned as not removing makeup, washing your face at the end of the day, not using sunscreen daily, using inappropriate skin care products that cause allergies, etc.

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3. Life mode

Skin Health Is Affected By What Factors 8

An unreasonable and scientific lifestyle can make the skin tone down very quickly. Staying up late is the leading cause of aging skin, acne formation, wrinkles. Should sleep on time, right sleep as well as regularly exercise, sports, avoid stress, stress to have beautiful skin.

4. Diet

Skin Health Is Affected By What Factors 9

Nutrition also has a huge influence on skin health. If provided with adequate nutrients, the skin will become rosy, smoother. So, please fully replenish water and nutrients by eating a variety of food groups, in which green vegetables, fruits, fruits, etc. are the types that should be added regularly. And limit sweets, hot spicy, stimulants, etc.

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Identifying factors that affect skin health will help you come up with appropriate care and prevention methods. With the factors mentioned above, you should check and determine what is the real cause of skin problems and come up with the appropriate method. Wish you will have the beautiful skin as desired.

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