Lotion And The Great Uses Of Lotion For The Skin 2

Lotion And The Great Uses Of Lotion For The Skin

With the development of the cosmetic industry, more and more types of skin care products are born to meet the needs of users. Therefore, in order to understand and determine the customer's skin condition, experts need to have an understanding of cosmetic lines in order to give the most accurate judgments and advice.

This paragraph, Miss Tram Academy I would like to introduce a skin care product that has been used by many women in recent years: Lotion.

Lotion And The Great Uses Of Lotion For The Skin

1. What is lotion?

What is lotion?

Lotion is a cosmetic with many uses from cleansing, moisturizing to anti-aging for the skin. With the main ingredient being water, the lotion has a light liquid texture and is very easily absorbed into the skin, providing a pleasant feeling without causing any sticky feeling.

Lotion is often compared and placed on a par with toner - one of the indispensable skin care products of women. In particular, this is also a basic cosmetic, so it is suitable for most skin types such as skin dry skin, oily skin, combination skin...

2. Lotion classification

beauty effect of lotion

Rated as a versatile cosmetic line with many uses, Lotion has two basic forms:

  • Lotion with a watery texture: Water-based textures often have the same function as a toner, which is to deep clean, hydrate, balance the pH of the skin and tighten pores. Most water-based lotions are used on the face.
  • Lotion with a milky texture: The milky texture contains more ingredients and is richer in nutrients than the watery texture. Therefore, its uses are also more diverse such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, etc. The milky lotion line is used for many different skin areas on the body.

In addition, Lotion is also classified by manufacturers separately for each use: Face Lotion, Hand Lotion, Body Lotion, Foot Lotion.

3. What are the outstanding uses of Lotion?

Great use of lotion

There are many lines of Lotion on the market, but these products all have some outstanding uses:

  • Deep cleansing, pH balance and at the same time effective skin moisturizing: For customers with dry skin, you can advise replacing Toner with Lotion, and for oily skin, you can use Lotion as a day cream.
  • Anti aging skin: Some specialized Lotion lines are used to provide many nutrients to the skin, stimulate the production of new cells and maintain skin elasticity very well.
  • Protect from acne: With a soft texture and deep cleansing effect, Lotion helps the skin to always be cleansed, moisturized without causing stickiness on the skin. Thus, effectively preventing the risk of acne formation.
  • Protect the skin: Many lotion lines contain sunscreen ingredients, which help protect the skin very well against the effects of UV rays.
  • Skin whitening: With many nutrients and cleansing and skin protection properties, when using Lotion regularly, the skin will quickly be bright and smooth.

4. How to use Lotion most effectively Lotion

Great use of lotion for skin

Lotion has many uses, so depending on the needs of the customer, you can advise some of the following uses:

  • Manual use: This is the simplest way to use, just take an appropriate amount of Lotion in the palm of your hand, spread it evenly and apply it to your face. This use should be combined with patting or facial massage, helping the nutrients penetrate the skin faster.
  • Use with cotton pads: With Lotion lines that have a cleansing effect and a water-like texture like Toner, you can use it with a cotton pad to easily remove dirt on the skin.
  • Use as mineral spray: Lotion is water-based and has moisturizing effects, it can be extracted into a spray bottle to use as a mineral spray. For dry skin conditions, often sitting in the air conditioner, this is an effective way to replenish moisture.
  • Use with masks: Use a compression mask that specializes in applying Lotion Mask with a few drops of Lotion solution, then apply to the skin. This use will help replenish moisture extremely effectively for the skin. In particular, can be used every day without skin irritation.
  • Use ice type: Using cold lotion will help clean the skin and tighten pores very effectively. How to use is also very simple, just put the lotion in an ice tray and freeze, then use it with a towel to massage your face.

One note you should advise customers is that when using Lotion, it is necessary to choose products (with texture and use) suitable for the purpose of use. For example: Water-based lotion can be used in many different ways, but with milk, it should only be used by hands to fully absorb into the skin without causing stickiness.

5. How is Lotion different from Toners? Is toner replaceable?

Lotion And The Great Uses Of Lotion For The Skin 3

Water-based lotions have a liquid texture and many of the same uses as toners. So what makes this cosmetic line different?

The main ingredient of Toner is mainly water-based, while Lotion is a water-based milk/oil form with a light texture. Therefore, in addition to cleansing and balancing the pH of the skin like a toner, Lotion also has the effect of moisturizing, making the skin softer and smoother. 

Thanks to this great texture and use, Lotion is suitable for all skin types, considered a new generation Toner version with many uses, especially a lot softer.

With the girls dry skin, Lotion completely replaceable Toner. However, for those with lane oily skin Toner is still considered a necessary product, can not be replaced – Now Lotion can be used as a moisturizer during the day (or in hot summer weather).

The above are the share of Miss Tram Academy About lotion and the features and uses of this cosmetic line. As a skin care technician, you need to understand each type of cosmetic as well as the basic properties and characteristics to be able to easily advise customers. Therefore, in addition to the skills of skin care - treatment, always update the skin care cosmetics available on the market.

Hope the sharing of Miss Tram will be useful to you. Wishing you every success with your career!

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