5 Important Notes When Wearing Masks For Skin 1

5 Important Notes When Wearing Masks For Skin

Notes When Wearing Masks For Skin You Need To Know

In the spa industry - cosmetology, the preparation and application of natural masks to the customer's skin is a basic technique that should be mastered by any technician. The process is quite simple but if we want to bring the best effect, we must have skills and know-how. So do you want to discover these useful knowledge? Please refer to the article of Miss Tram Academy Now!Note when applying a mask to the skin

Masking is a basic knowledge in the Spa - beauty industry

Mask (paper or composite) are very popular in skin care. Each of us (regardless of male or female) can prepare masks with natural ingredients such as fruit, green tea, aloe, honey, etc. to help make the skin more beautiful. In addition, applying a mask is considered an important, even the most basic step in professional skin care procedures.

When studying Spa - beauty, we must have knowledge of masks, including how to prepare masks for specific skin conditions and application techniques. Only in this way can you ensure that the nutrient penetrates deeply, bringing optimal efficiency to the customer's case.

After careful research, plus practical experience, the Masters of Miss Tram Academy send students some necessary notes as follows:

1. Choose the type of mask that suits the customer's skin type

How to put on a mask for safe skin

This is extremely important because not all masks are suitable for everyone. We need to remember that masks for dry skin are not suitable for people with oily skin to put on, and vice versa. If we do not understand this basic knowledge, we can cause skin problems such as sharp acne, skin moisture imbalance or make the current situation more serious.

2. Need to test before wearing a mask

Whether you use mask paper Pre-prepared masks or masks from completely natural ingredients must also follow the test process before applying to the customer's skin. Try taking a little of the ingredients from the mask and applying it to the most sensitive skin area (usually the skin behind the ear or the inside of the elbow), if after about 20-30 minutes the skin does not show any signs of irritation, we will proceed to apply appropriate care masks for guests.

3. Must clean the skin before applying the mask

Cleansing the skin before applying the mask brings 2 main benefits:

  • Remove dirt, excess oil accumulated under the pores to help the skin absorb nutrients better
  • Prevent the entry of many harmful bacteria vi

Therefore, you must note this and apply it correctly when doing it for guests in all cases of masking: skin care, skin lightening or acne treatment.

Steps to apply a face mask

Before applying the mask, clean the skin

4. Apply the right amount of mask at the right time

Natural masks made from fruits or other useful ingredients are only absorbed to a certain extent, so a thick layer is not always good. The mask will work when we combine massage techniques, promoting faster absorption of nutrients. Here, Miss Tram Academy notes that you only need to use a sufficient amount, and at the same time, you should keep the mask on your skin for about 20-30 minutes so that the skin barrier structure is not affected.

5. Moisturize the skin after applying the mask

After applying the mask, the skin structure will need to replenish moisture more than ever. So, after applying the mask, use an appropriate oil to lock in moisture for the skin, helping the nutrients to work more effectively.

Please record the above knowledge and apply it well to your customers!

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