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Top 8 Essential Oils Spa Must Have in Beauty & Antiseptic

Of the natural ingredients, oil is a material that brings many uses in beauty, sterilization and fragrance. Therefore, this is one of the indispensable products of beauty establishments. 

However, each type of essential oil will have different characteristics, uses and aromas. So the choice of which essential oil is both impressive to customers and highly effective in services, not all Spas/beauty salons use it successfully. So this article Miss Tram Academy Please share 8 essential oils that Spas need.

The Most Used Beauty Essential Oil In Spas

Ylang ylang essential oil

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Ylang ylang essential oil is extracted from the fresh petals of the ylang-ylang plant by steam distillation. This is an essential oil famous for its sweet, pleasant aroma and is used a lot in therapeutic massage procedures.

With many uses such as helping to relax the mind, improve mood and reduce muscle tension effectively, ylang ylang essential oil deserves to be a good candidate for beauty spas.

You can burn a few drops of this essential oil so that they diffuse into the air to create a soothing scent for the space. In addition, ylang ylang essential oil can be used as a massage oil to both moisturize the skin and bring relaxation to the client.

Lemon essential oil

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Lemon essential oil is extracted from lemon peel, has a mild fragrance with effective deodorizing and bactericidal effect, so it is used a lot in spas / beauty salons. According to research, this essential oil also has the effect of refreshing the mind and supporting the treatment of cold symptoms, stress or mental instability in a very effective way.

You should use lemon essential oil with a sauna lamp so that the gentle aroma can spread throughout the space. In addition, thanks to the active ingredients with strong antioxidant properties, lemon essential oil can also be used in skin care and acne treatments.

Jasmine essential oil

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Jasmine essential oil is a well-known essential oil for improving mood, reducing stress, restoring hormone balance and creating many positive emotions. In particular, the scent of this essential oil is very mild, so it is very suitable for the space of relaxation and beauty spas.

The most effective way to use jasmine essential oil is to use it with an essential oil diffuser or an essential oil diffuser to create a clean, fresh and fragrant space. Besides, relaxing massage treatments or skin care and exfoliating procedures can also use this essential oil to create the most relaxing scent for customers.

Rose essential oil

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Rose essential oil has always been considered the most gentle and seductive essential oil. Thanks to this fragrance, users can relieve fatigue and depression in a very effective way. In particular, rose essential oil also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and viral components in a very good way. So for beauty spas, this is one of the essential oils to use.

Another plus point of rose essential oil is that it has a gentle scent that can be used in any space. You can use it with an essential oil diffuser for service consultation rooms, waiting rooms, or in therapeutic massage rooms.

In addition, rose essential oil can be suitable for all skin types, so you can also use them in skin care formulas, combined with creams, lotions and relaxing massages for customers.

Tea tree oilTop 8 Spa Essential Oils In Beauty & Disinfection 14

Tea tree oil is one of the essential oils that has an effective antiseptic, bactericidal and acne-fighting effect. This essential oil is very commonly used in the pure natural acne treatment procedures of beauty spas. 

Tea tree oil can be applied directly to the skin (need to be mixed with a little filtered water), facial steaming or used with essential oil lamps to create a comfortable aroma for therapeutic massage sessions.

Currently on the market there are many types of tea tree oil, each of which is produced with different formulas (100% pure tea tree or combined with other essential oil ingredients) to bring the best use for users. Therefore, you need to find out and choose the product that best suits your spa's needs.


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It also has many uses in skin care and acne treatment like tea tree oil, but menthol also has another use to soothe sunburned skin and effectively protect against sunburn. Therefore, this is an ingredient you cannot ignore in the spa's skin care and treatment procedures.

Another plus point of menthol is that it clears the nose and throat and repels insects very well. So, besides using for the skin, you can use the same essential oil diffuser in those changing seasons.

Turmeric essential oil

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Turmeric is an extremely famous ingredient for skin care, acne treatment, and melasma treatment. Therefore, turmeric essential oil is used a lot by beauty spas because of its convenience and high efficiency.

For acne procedures, use an appropriate amount to apply to the skin. As for anti-aging, melasma, and freckles skin care formulas, combine them with the right ingredients (coconut oil, almond oil, honey, etc. depending on your skin type) for best performance.

Note: This essential oil is quite strong, so it is necessary to test it on other skin areas first. And for customers who are pregnant or breastfeeding, they should not use it.

Lavender oil

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Lavender essential oil is considered the most used essential oil in the world because of its extremely gentle - pleasant aroma, which helps to improve the spirit and reduce stress very well. In particular, with high antioxidant components, this essential oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and supports the treatment of acne, skin lesions in a very effective way.

You can use lavender essential oil in your clients' skin care and acne treatments. Or combine with essential oil lamps to bring the most fragrant and airy space to your spa.

The signature scent is always one of the highlights that leaves the most impression on customers when experiencing services at spas. However, choosing which essential oils to create incense, which essential oils to care for - treat the skin, or which essential oils to relax massage is not an easy task. So hopefully the suggestions of Miss Tram Academy will be useful to you. Wish you quickly choose the most characteristic essential oils for your Spa!

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