Before And After Sculpting Female Eyebrows With Queen Ink

Before And After Pictures Of Sculpting Female Eyebrows With Queen Ink

Before: Looking at the face of this guest, you can see that her eyebrows are a bit pale and the tail is quite sparse, so she went to Miss Tram to overcome this defect.

Or: With such a request, it is not difficult to #TeamMissTram step by step determine the eyebrow shape to suit her face. Next, each eyebrow will be meticulously carved, interwoven with the old eyebrows to be as natural as possible. In particular, Team Miss Tram uses an American ink line called Queen ink, which is currently very popular because of 100% natural ingredients. Completely harmless, smooth color, high strength and no red-green oxidation after flying. 

Review the pictures Miss Tram brought to this guest!

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