Before And After The Results Of Sculpting Combined Ombre Eyebrows For Customers

Before And After Pictures Of Sculpting Results Combined With Ombre Eyebrow For Customers

Before: The customer's eyebrows have a small head and few fibers, the tail of the eyebrow is lowered, making the face a bit sad.

Or: Get advice from #TeamMissTram with the beauty method by combining the two methods of Sculpting with Natural Fibers and Spraying Ombre for the tail. 

Sculpting will produce each soft, clear eyebrow interwoven with the old eyebrow to keep the natural look, and the technique of spraying Ombre at the tail will help the eyebrows look "western" much more. 

Let's take a closer look at the image of this customer's eyebrow results with Miss Tram!

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