Before And After Beautiful Queen Eyebrow Sculpting Results For Women Cho

Before And After Pictures Of Beautiful Queen Eyebrow Sculpting Results For Women

Before: This lady has big round eyes and looks very attractive. But the biggest drawback is that the eyebrows are not lacking in fibers at the head and tail.  Therefore, she visited Miss Tram to correct her eyebrows more beautiful and perfect.

Or: In this case, #TeamMissTram propose and beautify her by the method of Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers, combined with the use of Queen ink with natural herbal ingredients. The expert used a special knife to carve each strand interwoven with the old eyebrows, so that the new eyebrows, even though they had undergone cosmetic surgery, were still not "detected". 

Let's review the results with Miss Tram right here!

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