Career secret for those who love the beauty profession
Miss Tram's career secret for those who love beauty

Love Beauty But Don't Know Career Orientation – Let Miss Tram Suggest You

Love Beauty But Don't Know How To Choose The Right Career – Grasp Miss Tram's Next Life Secret To Find The Answer

Do you love the beauty industry but do not know which major is suitable?

This article is just for you! Please use SECRET LIFE back of Miss Tram Academy to clearly define Goals – Hobbies – Direction yourself to choose the right career.

Career secret for those who love the beauty profession
Miss Tram's career secret for those who love beauty

Define Career Goals:

What are your goals for completing the course?

1. Become a technician, professional master.

2.Become a lecturer in the field of cosmetology and beauty.

3. Become a Consultant, Manager.

4. Open your own Spa, beauty salon, salon business.

Do you have a knack, especially love a certain profession?

1. Love decorative motifs, color schemes, meticulous in work – Choose a Nail career.

2. You are a great scissor, want to beautify / take care of everyone's hair – Choose a haircut.

3. You are a person with beautiful skin, regular skincare, want to spread effective skin care secrets – Choose a Spa profession.

4. You like to take care of your eyebrows, eyelashes/eyelids, smooth glossy lips – Cosmetic tattooing / eyelash extensions is very suitable for you.

=> These “checklistThe little above has helped you somewhat Shape your favorite profession as well as your future career goals then isn't it?

At Miss Tram Academy There are 2 beauty professions that are loved by many young people and are studying, if you have a passion for this profession, you can refer to the course at the following link!

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