The Secret Secret of Spraying Lips on Beautiful Color - Smooth 3

The Secret Secret of Spraying Lips on Beautiful Color – Smooth

When spraying lips, if the color is beautiful, the customer's lips are glossy and smooth with harmonious lines, then we are considered successful. To achieve a perfect final result, it requires a whole process of study and serious training. Besides, you also have to know the secrets and real professional experiences to turn into your own.

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Share the Secret of Spraying Lips on Beautiful Color - Smooth

Things to keep in mind when spraying lips for your customers

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To become a professional tattoo artist and future artists, we have to go through a long process of learning, cultivating skills, and improving our skills. Learning lip spray in general is not difficult, as long as you have enough determination and hard work, you will definitely be strong and confident in building your own future. With the support of experienced and dedicated experts and lecturers at Miss Tram Ecademy, you will be able to share many secrets in practical practice, giving your customers absolute satisfaction, beauty. natural beauty and harmony.

With more than 18 years of experience in the industry beauty services and art tattooing training, Miss Tram Academy will share with you the necessary notes if you want to spray your lips on a beautiful standard color.

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  • Tinting

The secret to spraying lips on beautiful colors

In order to have a beautiful lip color, we have to pay a lot of attention to the color mixing stage, measuring the best ratio. Remember, beauty must be proportional to harmony and conformity. That is, the color used to spray on the lips must meet the following criteria:

  • Age match.
  • Face contours.
  • Lip shape.
  • Match hair color, eyebrow color and skin color.

Currently, the lip spray palette is extremely diverse and the trend is constantly changing. This also greatly affects the psychology of customers, because everyone wants to be beautiful according to the trend, according to the latest. However, new does not mean compatible. So you need to do a good job of consulting to help customers choose the right color for their overall look. With that, the lips sprayed up is really beautiful.

After agreeing on the colors, the task of the KTV like us is to proceed with the color mixing to achieve the desired ratio. This technique has specific instructions with how to color ratio, how to blend. During the study, you should pay attention to the instructions of the instructor to be able to apply correctly.

Here Miss Tram Academy Suggest how to mix the most standard tones as follows:

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+ Secrets To Relieve Pain For Customers When Spraying Lips

  • Needle technique

The step of the needle into the lips determines up to 50% of the final result. Therefore, this technique is extremely important, because you go the wrong way, too strong hand force will make the lips hurt, the color is not standard or the lips are darkened.

The secret to spraying lips on beautiful colors

In lip spray, the depth of the needle to the lip is only about 0,3 to 0,4mm. The needle should go to the lip line first, then the inner part of the lips. Needle speed should be medium, each lip should go about 3 times. The upper lip has a thinner structure than the bottom lip, so you will spray this part with less layers. Note that the maximum time to complete a spray shift is only 45 minutes.

In addition to these two important notes, we need to remember to fully perform the cleaning and anesthesia steps for the customer. Absolutely not for profit, but choose poor quality pangolin, of unknown origin because it may affect the lip color and customer health. In addition, if you want the color to be even, before you spray you must treat dark lips. When done, you must tell the customer to apply vaseline fully, do not peel, avoid water in the first days as well as supplement with vitamin C-rich foods.

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