Secrets of Eyebrow Spraying with Beautiful Standards - Safety Standards 1

The Secret of Eyebrow Spraying with Beautiful Standards - Safe Standards

In the field of cosmetology, eyelid spray is increasingly chosen by many people to "refurbish" their beauty. Most customers who come to this form want to own a beautiful eyelid line, making the eyes more sparkling, attractive but natural.

And our mission - tattoo artists must perfectly meet this desire for customers. To create beautiful standard eyelid spray results, of course, in addition to basic techniques, there must be a certain secret.

beautiful eyelid spray method

The Secret of Eyebrow Spraying with Beautiful Standards - Safe Standards

Common types of eyelid spray and basic technical process

Spray eyelid Simply put, using an embroidery sprayer with a micro-needle tip, impact on the eyelid area to bring ink in. Ink spray will create a colored eyelid contour, making the eyes more sharp and attractive. This way will replace the time-consuming eyeliner that many girls often do in makeup steps.

Compared to using a pencil, spraying eyelids not only saves time but also is the optimal solution, helping girls who are not smart to own beautiful eyes as expected. Today's eyelid spray technique has made great progress with modern technology, the process is quick, less painful, invasive or bleeding like the old methods.

safe eyelid spray procedure

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Eyelid spray on the market, as well as the service at Miss Tram, includes the following spray types:

  • Spray natural eyelids with a line of color close to the upper eyelid, and the tail will be slightly kicked up or equal to the natural eye.
  • Spraying watery eyelids This is a way to make your eyes look bigger and longer. This technique will create a thick spray line from 2 to 3 mm, starting thin at the tip of the eyelid and then gradually thickening towards the tail.
  • Spray fishtail eyelids will help the eyes have a long thin border from the head to the middle, the tail of the eye will be slanted with a sharper thickness.
  • Spray open eyelids is a new technique, spray from the center to the center of the white vein to the end of the closed eye. This spray helps to make the eyes bigger and deeper.

Although each type of spray gives different results, the eyelid spraying process boils down to the following basic steps:

Step 1: We must contact and advise customers, help customers choose the right spray type and color. During this process, you must provide all necessary information on how to do it, helping the customer to prepare psychologically well.

Step 2: Carry out eyelid cleaning and anesthesia. Note that you must choose a type of anesthesia with a high safety index and ingredients, so that the customer will be comfortable and cooperate well with you during the implementation process.

Step 3: Start with the needle, spray from the middle of the eyelid contour to the tail, then spray from the middle back to the tip of the eye. At the top of the eye you must spray close to the inner part of the corner of the eye. We will spray evenly from 5 to 6 times so that the ink is evenly absorbed. When done, check carefully and then contour the eyelids for sharpness.

Step 4: Finish spraying the eyelids, you will apply vaseline to lock the color, helping the eyelids to have a beautiful standard color.

beautiful standard eyelid spray

Should I spray my eyelids?

+ Note: Fix Blue Eyelid Spraying

Secrets when spraying eyelids

If you want your eyelids to have a beautiful standard color, and the ink lines are sharp and clear, during the spraying process, you should note the following techniques:

  1. When going to the frame should use 1 piece metal, create the frame with very light hand force. The eyelid frame will go at the tail first.
  2. When you go to the needle, you should go in the style of 1 forward 1 back very gently because if we use too much force, it can easily lead to blue eyelids because the needles go deep into the eyelids.
  3. The needle enters the skin only at a maximum depth of 1-1,5mm. Going deep does not make the ink penetrate quickly, but it will damage the eyelids, make the eyelids bleed a lot, and the ink will be patchy.
  4. If there is swelling on the eyelids, stop spraying immediately. You will treat by adding wax to the ink, stir well, and then spray. This will prevent the eyelid from being smudged.
  5. When dotted ink only dot a sufficient amount, check that there is no excess ink outside the nib, otherwise the needle will spill the ink.
  6. When spraying the lower eyelid, only needle 1 should be used, go in a straight line and do not lift the needle.
  7. If the eyelids are smudged, you can use a laser to erase or tell the customer to come back after 1 month to spray the skin color to cover up.

Academy of Cosmetology Miss Tram Academy Hope you are succesful.

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