Guide Customers To Take Care Of Eyelashes After Extension To Keep The Longest Eyelash Loss 3

Guide Customers To Take Care Of Eyelashes After Extension To Keep The Longest Eyelash Loss

The need to use the service eyelash extensions of customers is increasing. Realizing that, more and more establishments and individuals are opening up to provide eyelash extension services to customers. Making this a potential market, lucrative but no less fierce. Customers will choose the address to connect mi quality, bring a thick, beautiful, natural, safe and long-lasting eyelashes.

To get that, in addition to technical factors, workmanship, quality false eyelashes, glue, the stage of eyelash care after joining is also very important, deciding how long to keep the eyelashes. So, this article Miss Tram Academy will share with you how to guide customers to take care of their eyelashes after extension to keep their eyelashes from falling out for the longest time.

The Secret To Taking Care Of Eyelashes After Extension To Keep Eyelashes Longest

1. Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands

How to take care of eyelashes after extension

Maybe the first time you have an eyelash extension, you will feel uncomfortable because you are still not used to false eyelashes and glue. However, advise guests not to rub their eyes with their hands to eliminate that uncomfortable feeling. Because it can affect the position where the glue has just been applied, causing the eyelashes to be displaced, in addition, the strong impact can also cause the eyelashes to fall off.

For now, try to be patient and the discomfort should go away in a day or two after the connection. In addition, the skin around the eyes is very thin, rubbing your eyes with your hands can affect that area of ​​​​the skin to sag, wrinkle and age faster.

2. Be careful when washing your face

Note when taking care of eyelashes after joining at home

After eyelash extensions, do not wash your face too hard, it will affect the newly connected eyelashes. In addition, you should also advise customers not to wash the eye area with warm water, because warm water can affect the quality of the glue, cause the glue to lose its adhesion, the original position of the eyelash extension may be displaced as well. as the time to keep eyelash extensions is also shorter.

The advice is to wet a cotton pad with water and then gently wipe the eye area.

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3. No mascara, no eyelash makeup remover

Take care of your lashes at home safely

Eyelash extensions are a method to help increase the thickness, length and curl of the eyelashes to help the eyes look much more beautiful, so it is not necessary to use mascara when applying makeup anymore.

In addition to the mascara will affect the position of the eyelash extensions, the makeup remover when used also affects the eyelash glue, causing the glue to lose its adhesion faster, thereby shortening the time to keep the eyelash extensions. than. If you need to remove eye makeup, take the makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently wipe the eye area to be removed and also avoid touching the eyelashes.

4. Do not sleep on one side

Spa standard eyelash care method

Sleeping position also affects eyelash extensions as well as eyelash retention time. Advise clients not to sleep on their side or face down on the pillow. These positions will cause the eyelashes to fall off, jostling the position of the eyelash extensions, causing loss of aesthetics. Try to sleep on your back to protect your eyelashes.

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5. Check eyelash extensions daily

Guide Customers To Take Care Of Eyelashes After Extension To Keep The Longest Eyelash Loss 4

Checking eyelash extensions daily will help to detect which lash extensions have fallen out, which lash extensions have openings as well as where the lash position is wrong. If these problems are detected, remove the faulty eyelash extension and proceed to apply it again to make it beautiful.

This should be done early in the morning when waking up or at any time of the day when the client has time. After each examination, it is recommended that the customer closes their eyes slightly, gently pushing the eyelashes with their fingers to help them curl more beautifully.

6. Wear glasses every time you go out

In addition to avoiding the impact on the eyelashes, we also need to protect them every time we go out. Wearing glasses will help prevent dust from entering your eyes, thereby avoiding rubbing your eyes with your hands. In addition, wearing glasses will help block the wind, not causing a strong impact on the eyelashes when going out on the street. Customers can use sunglasses or 0-degree glasses depending on personal preference.

Guide Customers To Take Care Of Eyelashes After Extension To Keep The Longest Eyelash Loss 5

In order to help maintain the longest eyelash extension time, in addition to the care factors after eyelash extensions that Miss Tram Academy shared above, you as a technician need to regularly practice and improve your skills since then. The quality of eyelash extensions is also improved, bringing a pleasant, non-sticky, itchy feeling to customers.

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In addition, you also need to use quality, gentle false eyelashes and safe eyelash extensions that do not irritate the eyes. These factors will help your brand become more and more known, your job, your name is also enhanced. And that is the most effective and sustainable way to increase income.

With ways to take care of eyelashes after connecting Miss Tram Academy The above sharing will help customers keep the eyelash extensions for the longest time. In addition to the sharing, care tips and methods of eyelash extensions shared, Miss Tram Academy also provides you with eyelash extensions training courses from basic to advanced depending on your needs and preferences. Details of the courses can be found here.

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