The Secret To Make Customers Comfortable When Making Eyebrows 1

The Secret To Make Customers Comfortable When Making Eyebrows

When spraying eyebrow embroidery, what should I do to make customers feel most comfortable?

Eyebrow embroidery, even the most modern technology, will leave a little pain for the worker. Depending on the feelings and psychology of each person, the process is pleasant or not. However, as an performing KTV, you need to apply standard procedures and sound methods so that your customers have the most comfortable experience. This is completely beneficial because it helps the process to go smoothly, bringing the expected results to the customer. Here are some experiences to make customers comfortable when tattooing eyebrows.

The Secret To Making Customers Comfortable When Spraying Eyebrow Tattoos

Notes when conducting eyebrow embroidery

Today's eyebrow embroidery technique is considered to be advanced and ensures high safety. Because no longer uses needles to penetrate deeply into the eyebrow skin like traditional tattooing methods, modern eyebrow embroidery rarely causes bleeding, the process is less painful and does not cause swelling after finishing. ache. However, these things can only be guaranteed when the auditors perform the correct procedure, have skills and master the needle technique. In addition, many people who go to eyebrow embroidery have a fear of pain, so they often show stress while doing it, and this can inadvertently cause obstacles, making customers and KTV not have a good connection to work. produces perfect results.

Some ways to make customers comfortable when spraying eyebrow tattoo

When performing any eyebrow embroidery session, Miss Tram Academy reminds you of the following issues:

firstBefore spraying embroidery, you need to do ideological work and consult all aspects for customers. The consultation process will include the following:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of certain eyebrow spray techniques
  • Advice on choosing ink colors suitable for customers' age, skin color and hair color
  • Help customers shape the eyebrow shape to suit the face

In addition, you must find out carefully what kind of physical condition the client has, whether they are prone to keloids, or have any special diseases. Knowing this information, we will have an effective way to handle and anticipate bad situations that may occur. Besides, it is necessary to tell guests about the symptoms that may appear during and after eyebrow spray so that they have the best psychological preparation.

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MondayWhen spraying embroidery according to the principle, it is necessary to conduct anesthesia for the customer to minimize the feeling of pain when going to the needle. The incubation process should be done about 10-20 minutes before.See how to make customers comfortable when spraying eyebrow tattoo

Tuesday, it is necessary for the customer to lie on a comfortable bed so that the body is completely relaxed, creating the highest relaxation.

WednesdayGuests should be invited to check the equipment and dedicated embroidery injectors so that they can feel more secure about safety and hygiene issues.

ThursdayWhen spraying embroidery, you have to make the needle perpendicular to the surface of the skin, the force of the needle is even, so after you're done, you won't have pain or swelling.

Friday, you must not skip the cleaning step, apply antibacterial medicine to your eyebrows after you are done. This will help you appear beautiful, prevent infections that are dangerous to the worker's health.

SaturdayAfter spraying, you must instruct customers on how to take care of your eyebrows. You need to share your experience to help you peel naturally, how to abstain from water, how to apply vaseline as well as foods to limit or supplement.

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Some of the above shares of Miss Tram Academy Hope to have provided you with more useful knowledge. Although in eyebrow embroidery, implementation technique plays a decisive role, but if we know how to "reassurance", create the most comfortable for the customer, it can positively affect the final result and vice versa.

Wish you quickly master your craft, create many perfect beauty!

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