The Secret To Lips Up To The Right Color Chosen

|Question – Answer|| The Secret To Lips Up To The Right Color Chosen

Choosing and advising on the right lip color for each client is difficult because it requires the KTV to have a certain understanding of the harmony with the skin color, age or condition of the lips.

In addition, how to make the lips after making the correct color standard is really CHALLENGES not small.


  • First, if you want your lips to have a beautiful color, you need to treat them thoroughly. Baby pink can be used to properly treat dark spots, improving the effectiveness of lip spray.
  • Next, the lip spray must follow a certain processing process to ensure that the lips are beautifully colored.
  • In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the needle technique. Going in the wrong direction, too fast or too strong, and the wrong angle of the needle can all affect the quality of the color of the lips, and can even make the dark lips become dark or seriously hurt the lips.
  • Pay special attention to ink quality. The preferred ink used is high quality imported ink and completely natural ingredients. Because if using poor quality ink, the color will be difficult to like, these inks also cause allergies, or affect the health of the user.

Please read carefully the above suggestions to apply in the working process!

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