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Tips for Making Thick Lips Thinner

|Q&A| Tips for Making Thick Lips Thinner

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Although it is no longer a trend among young people today, but Miss Tram still lists the technique of 'Thick-walled lip spray' in the FAQ section to help students, as well as KTV, have more experience in handling a more skillful way if this is the case when working.

The secret of this technique is that during the tattooing process, the KTV will cleverly "cheat" the width of the lips inward, making the lips more elegant and harmonious. At the same time, the border area will be covered with a light color to create a deceiving effect.

There are 2 methods that you can advise and use in this case:

Spray soot: The lip color will be darkest at the center of the lips, then fade towards the lip line. This lip spray method not only makes the lips have depth but also makes the width of the lips more "thin", more elegant, effectively overcoming the disadvantages of thick lips.

Collagen lip spray: When performing this method, KTV notes to accurately align the amount of collagen to mix with the spray color. After spraying, the lips will become beautiful, natural and nourished from deep within.

Both of these lip spray techniques are in the curriculum at Miss Tram Academy. In addition, students are also guided on how to choose, mix ink to get the most standard color, and other instructions to treat lip conditions….If you want to find out more information about the course, don't hesitate to contact us. Contact Miss Tram Academy's Hotline!

For more information, the popular courses (depending on your interests) to get started with the beauty industry are:

- Course in Tattooing, Embroidery, Cosmetic Sculpture (eyebrows - eyelids - lips)

- Skin Care and Treatment Specialist Training Course

- Professional Eyelash Extensions - Professional Eyelash Curling Course

- Make-up Class

Please contact Miss Tram immediately for more advice on the study path as well as to see if you are suitable for this profession or not!

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