How to Put Ink Into the Skin So that the Eyebrows Do Not Lose the Thread 3

How to Put Ink Into the Skin So that the Eyebrows Don't Lose the Thread

Eyebrow sculpting is a new cosmetic technology that has been applied in the last 1-2 years. Therefore, some tattoo spraying centers and facilities have not yet fully updated their knowledge, techniques and experience. This inadvertently makes it difficult for new students, because if an error occurs, they will not know how to handle it.

According to the survey of Miss Tram AcademyOne of the most common mistakes you make is that you lose yarn after sculpting. So what do we need to pay attention to during the implementation to avoid encountering this situation?

How to Put Ink Into the Skin So that the Eyebrows Do Not Lose the Thread 4

The Secret To Putting Ink Into The Skin To Make Your Eyebrows Shave Without Losing Fibers

Sculpted eyebrows and the error of losing yarn after peeling

After sculpting, about 3-5 days, the outer layer of ink will start to peel off, at this time you will show the most natural shape and color. Successfully sculpted eyebrows must be a pair of eyebrows with harmonious lines, dark and light in the right place, thick eyebrows intertwined with real eyebrows. Sculpture has an advantage over other tattooing methods in that you make it look very natural, even if you just applied ink, it still doesn't look dry or too sharp.

How to Put Ink Into the Skin So that the Eyebrows Do Not Lose the Thread 5

Because this method uses a specialized blade pen and the sculpting process is completely dependent on the artist, it requires high concentration and meticulousness. Just a mistake in the engraving process will cause the eyebrows to be hurt, the ink will be uneven, and the ink will not stick. These errors can all lead to eyebrow loss of fibers after peeling.

If the eyebrows are lost, the aesthetics will be lost, this seriously affects the overall face of the customer, so you must pay attention and master the sculpting operation.

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What to do to avoid the error that the sculptor loses the thread after peeling?

The secret to putting ink into the skin

First of all, you must fully equip the necessary tools for the process, which is a specialized blade plugged into the engraving pen. Note that we must have both the straight eyebrow pen and the curved eyebrow pen.

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The most standard sculpting steps can be described as follows:

The secret to putting ink into the skin

First, you use a circular carving knife to create a soft thread at the top of the eyebrow, then carve to the top and tail of the eyebrow. Hand manipulation should move flexibly, gently down towards the real eyebrow hair. Having done these points, you move on to carving yarn for the eyebrow part.

Next, we will use the blade to carve diagonally again from the beginning to the end. This will help the ink penetrate more evenly into each eyebrow, minimizing the loss of hair after peeling.

In addition to these standard steps, it is important that you keep your hand steady throughout the process, avoiding uneven ink that makes your eyebrows dark and light. Each point of the knife put down must be very definitive, the reasonable depth is 0,5 mm, and at the same time, a good combination between the two thumbs and index fingers to slightly stretch the skin, helping the engraving line absorb the ink evenly.

After the engraving is complete, you must carefully check each engraving line to see if the ink has been eaten. If the color is still light, quickly use the diagonal knife to carve in the opposite direction, then use a cotton swab to dab the color across the eyebrow. We continue to do this, until the eyebrows are guaranteed to be evenly colored from head to tail. If the customer is in a difficult to eat color group, you can add a color booster, carefully incubate for about 1 minute and then engrave it again to focus.

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Hope you are succesful. - See more Tattoo Spray - Sculpting Eyebrow - Lips - Eyelid Course at MissTram

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