The Secret To Getting Ink Into The Skin Correctly When Sculpting Eyebrows 2

The Secret To Getting Ink Into The Skin Correctly When Sculpting Eyebrows

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The Secret To Getting Ink Into The Skin Correctly When Sculpting Eyebrows 3

Eyebrow sculpture is the most aesthetic method of creating eyebrows today. Accordingly, the specialist will use a special engraving knife with a micro-blade to put the ink on the skin, carve each fiber meticulously and intertwine naturally like the real thing. In the process of learning this method, most students have the same question about how to properly put ink into the skin so that after the eyebrows are peeled off, the fibers are not lost, and the fibers are beautiful and even?

Miss Tram's experts will give you a few tips:

1. The secret to choosing a carving knife

  • The secret when choosing a round knife: You should choose a round knife and short blade, with an ultra-fine nano-needle chain to help the engraving on the client's skin be smooth and not hurt. The short round blade also helps the ink to color better.
  • The secret when choosing a knife: You should choose a knife with a smooth and even needle chain, the needle chain is designed to face up in a straight line to help in the process of putting ink into the client's skin will not be hurt.
  • The secret to choosing a double needle knife: You should choose the blade evenly, the needle chain is not crooked high and low to avoid the case of uneven color after making even though you have tried to evenly apply force during the process.

2. Selection of tattoo ink

  • Inorganic ink: There are two groups: ink made from minerals and ink made from iron oxide. The ink is made from iron oxide which is easy to stick to the skin. When engraving, the ink is easy to eat and the ink is very durable. But the disadvantage is that it will quickly smudge and ALWAYS leave blue-gray or red-violet streaks on the skin that can't go away forever.
  • Organic tattoo ink: The characteristics of this tattoo ink are slightly less sticky but the color is brighter and completely harmless, does not contain toxins and does not leave color marks on the skin when flying away. Squid can fly completely after 1 year.

ESPECIALLYCurrently, the American group of organic engraving inks is very popular because of 100% nature. Not only is it completely harmless, but the color is smooth, has high durability and does not oxidize red-green after flying.

Hopefully with the sharing of Miss Tram, you will remember to be more confident when performing eyebrow sculpting for customers. Miss Tram is always ready to answer students' questions, so don't hesitate to share your questions with us for more expert advice!

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