Secrets To Relieve Pain For Customers When Spraying Lips 2

Secrets To Relieve Pain For Customers When Spraying Lips

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Secrets To Relieve Pain For Customers When Spraying Lips 3

Spraying lips with today's modern technology is completely non-invasive, does not create severe damage on the lips, so customers can safely return to daily life. However, during the procedure it will be difficult to avoid pain and for some people they feel very uncomfortable. If there is no treatment, pain relief for the client will affect the final result.

Whether lip spray is more or less painful as well as beautiful or not will depend on the following factors:

1. Step of numbing lips for customers

The skin of the lips is inherently sensitive, so even a light touch can cause pain. Therefore, analgesia is an important step to apply to your customers. When incubating the lips, you should choose a safe and quality numbing medicine for the customer. In addition, applying numbing to the lips should only be left for about 10-15 minutes, because if left for a long time, it will cause darkening of the lips.

2. Needle step

If you take the needle firmly, hold the needle at a reasonable angle, put the needle at the correct depth (0,3mm), the customer will partly limit the pain. The technique of applying the needle evenly is also very important, because on the one hand it helps the needle path to be stable, non-invasive, causing damage, on the other hand, it will help the ink to enter the skin evenly so that the lips have a beautiful standard color.

Each lip area will act with different needle force, thus ensuring even ink color. When getting a needle, you must not go too many times in one position because it can cause damage to the client, causing a lot of pain, causing the lips to swell and lead to darkening. This is a technique that Miss Tram Academy must always remind students to master.

3. Help customers feel most comfortable

Equipped with comfortable and medium-sized beds will help customers relax and unwind during the procedure. In addition, before that, you must also give clear advice, tell guests about possible problems so that they have the best psychological preparation.

Hope you are succesful.

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