The secret to helping eyebrows last more than 3 years

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After going through a process to own a desired eyebrow, girls should note the following secret to keep their eyebrows durable for 3 years or more.

1. Factors affecting color fastness:

  • Your skin condition, if your skin is too sensitive, when performing eyebrow sculpting, it will easily lead to side effects such as eyebrow swelling, pain. Since then it is difficult to keep the color fastness of the ink color.
  • Tattoo ink: Quality assured tattoo inks will not contain toxic substances, do not affect the health of customers much, moreover, the fading will be much longer than poor quality tattoo inks. quantity.
  • Choose a reputable and quality cosmetic facility and focus on how to take care of your eyebrows after cosmetic surgery.

2. Specific notes:

  • Limit water, soap or cosmetics in the eyebrow area.
  • Combine using creams suitable for your body.
  • Absolutely do not scratch when itchy eyebrows appear in the first few days because this is just a normal reaction of the skin. This can cause swelling at the top of the eyebrow that has just been cosmetic.

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