How to Make Eyebrows Last More Than 3 Years 1

How to Make Eyebrows Last More Than 3 Years

when the Eyebrow tattoo spray, any customer wants their eyebrows to be beautiful for a long time. This is the common psychology of customers, but the reality shows that many people who make eyebrows at first may be beautiful, but then quickly lose color and become unsightly red.

So how can you help your clients keep their brows looking good for more than 3 years? Some of the following notes of Miss Tram Academy will give you more useful experience.

+ How to handle red eyebrows

Share how to keep eyebrows color lasting
Share how to keep eyebrows color lasting

Factors affecting eyebrow color fastness

Learning the eyebrow tattoo industry, in addition to the needle technique, how to align the eyebrow shape, we also need to pay attention to the secrets to help our customers own beautiful and durable eyebrows over time.

Eyebrow tattooing has many factors that affect the final result, as well as determine your beauty after a long time. Of these, the most important are the following:

1. Quality of ink used

Factors affecting the color fastness of eyebrows
Factors affecting the color fastness of eyebrows

Currently on the market of cosmetic eyebrows, there are two types of commonly used inks: inorganic ink and organic ink. Each type has certain advantages and limitations, specifically:

Inorganic ink includes 2 groups: ink made from minerals and ink made from iron oxide. This type of ink is very easy to color, durable on all customer locations. However, many inorganic inks are mixed with metals or even mercury to increase sharpness.

And as you know, these are all dangerous ingredients for your health. In some cases, eyebrows made from metallic ink can penetrate the skin into the internal organs, destroy the immune system and cause dangerous diseases. Not to mention, scientists have also demonstrated that the azo coloring agent in inorganic ink can be stimulated by laser (used when removing tattoo spray) to transform into carcinogens.

Although inorganic ink is cheap, easy to use, but for the safety of your customers and the reputation of your establishment, stay away from this ink.

Although organic inks are less pigmented, they are the optimal choice. Organic ink is completely extracted from nature, when sprayed on, it will create a smooth, sharp and non-oxidized red color. When using this ink, you should remind the customer after about 2-3 years to add again to help the ink color stay fresher.

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2. Implementation technique

Pay attention to the technique of eyebrow spray
Pay attention to the technique of eyebrow spray

During the implementation process, the auditor must be very meticulous, paying attention to the following techniques:

  • It is necessary to conduct anesthesia in accordance with the correct procedure to make the client feel comfortable, to limit pain and to make it easier for the KTV to perform.
  • When performing, you must hold the camera firmly, determine the correct area of ​​tattoo spray, not to deviate, not to smear out.
  • Need to ensure that the depth of the needle is even, glide evenly and align to spread the color evenly
  • When using a needle, start creating an eyebrow first by going from the middle of the eyebrow to the tail, then from the beginning of the eyebrow to the middle. Then we proceed to spray on the inside of the eyebrow, spray from the tail to the middle of the eyebrow, the part closer to the tip of the eyebrow will gradually fade.

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3. Take care of you after work

Need to take care of you after work
Need to take care of you after work

When you're done, we need to note that our customers follow the following care steps:

  • Apply Vaseline continuously for the first 3 days to help the ink color up evenly
  • Avoid contact with water for the first few days
  • Do not use your hands to pry off the outer layer of ink, let it peel off naturally
  • Abstain from stimulants (alcohol, tobacco, coffee) for the first time. Add foods that contain a lot of vitamins such as vegetables and fruits to make your eyebrows more beautiful and durable.

As long as you follow the above notes well, your eyebrows will have a beautiful color and outstanding durability over the years.

Hope you are succesful.

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