Secrets To Relieve Pain For Customers When Spraying Lips 1
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Secrets To Relieve Pain For Customers When Spraying Lips

Spray lips With today's modern technology, it is completely non-invasive and does not create serious damage to the lips, so customers can safely return to their daily lives. However, during the procedure it will be difficult to avoid pain and for some people they feel very uncomfortable. If there are no measures to treat and relieve pain for customers, it will affect the final result.

Secrets To Relieve Pain For Customers When Spraying Lips

Why is lip spray painful?

Compared with traditional tattooing, lip spray Today, using a lip sprayer with a smart needle tip, it gently affects the skin of the lips. With an appropriate depth (only about 0,3mm), the needle tip does not invade the skin but still ensures the introduction of ink slowly, helping the lips to have a beautiful, smooth, natural color. The modern lip spray method has many advantages, including: not creating dark lip lines, not causing darkening of the lips, not causing the lips to oxidize, and especially to limit the pain when performing.

Is lip injection painful?
What to do if lip injection hurts?

You must have heard a lot about the pain caused by Lip tattoo cause. After tattooing, the lips are often swollen, painful and difficult in daily activities. This situation occurs because this technology goes deep, goes many times on the lips. The skin of the lips is delicate and sensitive, so it will be painful and uncomfortable.

Improving most of the limitations of old technology, today's modern lip spray method can completely bring peace of mind to customers when performing. However, because the needle still has to be inserted into the lips, the pain will still occur. The problem is how do we handle it to make the customer more comfortable and reduce pain effectively. The pain relief for the client also helps you to perform the spray smoothly, go with the needle regularly so that the lips are perfectly colored.

What to do if lip injection hurts?
How to effectively reduce pain for customers when getting lip injections

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So what to do to limit pain during lip spray for customers?

Whether lip spray is more or less painful as well as beautiful or not will depend on the following factors:

Steps to numb the lips for customers

As mentioned above, the skin of the lips is inherently sensitive, so even a light impact can cause pain. Therefore, anesthetic incubation is an important step to apply to your customers. In tattooing, we have specialized numbing agents with the ability to temporarily lose sensation on a certain area of ​​skin. This type of numbness, when applied and left for a while, will take effect, helping to reduce pain a lot.

noteWhen incubating lip anesthesia, you should choose a safe and quality numbing agent for customers. In addition, applying numbing to the lips should only be left for about 10-15 minutes, because if left for a long time, it will cause the phenomenon dark lips.

During the procedure, if the client is sensitive to pain, we can enhance the numbing area of ​​the skin where the needle is going, but only a reasonable amount should be used. If you want more effective pain relief, give the client a Panadol tablet before proceeding.

Pain relief for customers when spraying lips
What should you keep in mind when spraying lips for customers?

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Needle step

If you take the needle firmly, hold the needle at a reasonable angle, put the needle at the correct depth (0,3mm), the customer will partly limit the pain. The technique of applying the needle evenly is also very important, because on the one hand it helps the needle path to be stable, non-invasive, causing damage, on the other hand, it will help the ink to enter the skin evenly so that the lips have a beautiful standard color.

Each lip area will act with different needle force, thus ensuring even ink color. According to experience, the lip rim will go with a needle depth of 0.3-0.4mm, while the inner part of the lips is only about 0,3mm is reasonable. When going to the needle, you must not go too many times in one position because it can cause damage to the client, causing a lot of pain, causing the lips to swell and lead to darkening.

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Help customers feel most comfortable

Equipped with comfortable and medium-sized beds will help customers relax and unwind during the procedure. In addition, before that, you must also give clear advice, tell guests about possible problems so that they have the best psychological preparation.

Hope you are succesful.

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