The Secret of Eyelash Extensions Technique for Long Lasting - Beautiful

|Question – Answer| The Secret of Eyelash Extensions Technique for Long Lasting - Beautiful

In the eyelash extension profession, creating a BEAUTIFUL eyelash is only a NEED condition and ensuring its durability is the ENOUGH condition. Therefore, mastering the secrets of lasting beautiful eyelash extensions is something that all artists are interested in.

These secrets will be revealed by Miss Tram Academy right here, please take the time to refer to get more useful knowledge!

There are 3 main factors that determine the DURABILITY - BEAUTIFUL in eyelash extensions:

1. Modern splicing technique

The more modern the technique, the more durable the eyelash extensions will be. Specifically, today's modern eyelash extension technologies such as 3D silk eyelash extensions, black rose eyelashes, volume eyelashes, etc. use new techniques with ultra-light eyelashes, not covered with real eyelash glue, so it will NOT cause lumps. itchiness, DOES NOT make real eyelashes fall out and gives a long time to HOLD false eyelashes.

2. Use quality glue

This is also an important factor affecting the quality and durability of eyelashes. You should use high-quality imported glue from abroad because it will help the eyelashes to be super durable and absolutely safe for human health.

3. Qualification of KTV

The skill of the artist plays an IMPORTANT role in the results of eyelash extensions. Just one wrong operation can make the eyelashes bad and harm the eyes. Therefore, "formal training" for KTV eyelash extensions is very important.

For an eyelash extension artist, bringing a beautiful pair of eyelashes to help customers become more beautiful is not only a job, but also a responsibility and love for the profession. Miss Tram Academy hopes the above sharing will be useful for you to apply in your work.

In addition, if you want to specialize in the profession of eyelash extensions, you can refer to the course at Miss Tram Academy to learn from the basic foundation steps, master the necessary knowledge, and practice skills to Become a professional artist, bring beauty to many people.

For more information, the popular courses (depending on your interests) to get started with the beauty industry are:

Course in Tattoo, Embroidery, Aesthetic Sculpture (eyebrows - eyelids - lips)

Skin Care and Treatment Specialist Training Course

Professional Eyelash Extensions - Professional Eyelash Curling Course

Make-up Class

Please contact Miss Tram immediately for more advice on the study path as well as to see if you are suitable for this profession or not!


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