The Secret To Mixing Ink To Make Eyebrows Soft And Sharp 2

The Secret To Mixing Ink To Make Eyebrows Soft And Sharp

How to mix the sharpest soft eyebrow ink

How to mix eyebrow ink? One of the factors that determine the results of the eyebrow spray is the ink color and the quality of the ink used. If you meet this factor, you will have soft lines, accurate colors and achieve the most natural look. So in the process of mixing ink, do we have any secret? Let Miss Tram Academy share with you!

How to mix the softest, most standard eyebrow ink
How to mix the softest, most standard eyebrow ink

The role of inkjet ink when making eyebrows

In spray embroidery or sculpting eyebrows, support equipment is very important, but the role of inkjet ink is not underestimated. Because the eyebrows are beautiful or not, whether the color is trendy and in harmony with the overall face or not largely depends on the ink color. Choosing standard and quality inkjet ink, we will meet the requirements of aesthetics and safety for health.

Learn the phases of eyebrow ink
Learn how to mix eyebrow ink

Currently, in the cosmetic industry, there are two types of commonly used inks: inorganic ink and organic ink. Each type will have its own distinctive features as follows:

Inorganic ink

Inorganic inks are usually made of minerals or iron oxides. This ink has the advantage of being easy to stick to the skin, high color fastness. However, it is often blurred and always leaves color streaks (blue-gray or red-violet) that cannot be lost. Although inorganic ink is not banned from use, if you choose the type with metal or mercury, it becomes extremely toxic. Even these toxins can penetrate through the skin into the body, causing negative effects on the liver, lungs, immune system or the fetus.

In case of inorganic ink mixed with azo coloring agent (a banned substance) will cause unpredictable consequences on the human body. If under the influence of laser tattoo removal, this ingredient can change into carcinogenic substances. Therefore, the advice of Miss Tram Academy is to carefully check the ink, avoid using poor quality for its guests.

Organic ink

Although organic ink is less sticky, the color is beautiful and completely harmless. Organic ink has natural ingredients, does not contain toxic chemicals, when the color fades, it does not leave ugly marks on the skin. Although this ink is much more expensive, it can meet the safety and beauty requirements as expected.

Eyebrow ink
Eyebrow ink


Types of eyebrow ink
Types of eyebrow ink

What should you pay attention to when mixing inkjet ink?

When mixing ink color, many KTVs usually follow the customer, meaning that the customer likes any color, they will spray that color. If we do it this way, we may face a great risk of making it unsightly and unsuitable for our customers. Therefore, you need to analyze the overall customer, advise the customer to choose the best inkjet color for you, because following the trend is not sure to get the expected eyebrows.

Currently, the applied eyebrow colors include: medium brown, dark brown, moss black, black, skin color, golden brown, dark brown, western brown, gray brown, ... When mixing ink colors outside the element. Quality as mentioned above, you need to base on the skin color of the maker to be able to mix the standard ratio. Specifically:

Some notes when mixing eyebrow ink
Some notes when mixing eyebrow ink
  • If the person has white skin and likes brown a lot, they should mix a ratio of 4 - 2 dark brown and western brown
  • White people prefer a little brown with light tones, they should mix a ratio of 2 - 2 gray brown and sienna Suede
  • Dark-skinned people should be pure dark brown with a rate of 100%

The Secret To Mixing Ink To Make Eyebrows Soft And Sharp 3

Some of the above shares of Miss Tram Academy helped you have more experience to mix the right eyebrow ink color, contributing to creating soft and beautiful eyebrows. Do you have any comments about how to mix eyebrow ink Please comment below. Good luck!

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