How to handle eyebrow spray that is difficult to eat color Safely 2

How to Handle Spraying Eyebrow with Hard To Eat Color Safely

Some of the following eyebrow spray experience will help you effectively handle the situation that customers have a tendency to not eat colors, so that you can get the best standard color. In addition, Miss Tram Academy also share some notes during implementation, to help you minimize possible errors.

How to handle eyebrow spray that is difficult to eat color Safely 3

The Secret to Treating Invisible Eyebrow Spray

What should be paid attention to the eyebrow spray technique?

The first and most basic thing is that you have to check the customer's condition, advise the customer to choose the eyebrow that best suits their face (eyebrows shape, ink color). After that, we will draw the form format, clean the eyebrows and numb the area. Attention should be paid to carefully incubating the anesthesia so that the client can have the most comfortable psychology, avoiding affecting the implementation process.

In process eyebrow sculpting spray, you need to pay more attention to the following technical factors:

How to spray eyebrows for hard-to-eat skin

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Needle injection angle

Need to adjust the position so that it is most comfortable, hold the device firmly and align the needle tip perpendicular to the surface of the skin. If you perform this technique well, you will not experience swelling, pain, and especially pain when you go to the needle.

Needle force

Treatment of eyebrow spray is difficult to eat color

Eyebrow spraying requires a steady hand, not too fast and not too slow. There are many cases of going too fast, causing the ink to not absorb, causing damage under the skin, causing the eyebrows to appear dark and light.

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Depth of needle

The depth of the needle into the skin needs to be clearly divided into 2 separate cases:

  • When going to the eyebrow frame, you should only put the needle down about 0.5mm . into the skin
  • When the needle is inserted into the eyebrow, the most appropriate depth is about 0.03mm .

Going too deep will cause your brows to darken once you're done, but will fade quickly if you peel off. In case of shallow needles, you may not have color because the ink has not penetrated.

Handling cases where customers have difficulty eating colors

Treatment of eyebrow spray is difficult to eat color

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People with difficult to eat color when tattooing eyebrows often have the following symptoms:

  • Oily skin sweats a lot
  • People with thin blood and a lot of tissue water during the needle procedure

In these cases, the ink color will be difficult to eat into the skin, resulting in no color when finished. To overcome this situation, you need to perform the following standard techniques:

  • Mix ink that is darker than the customer's color, choose one step to make your eyebrows peel off
  • In the process of taking the needle, you should go light and slow, pay close attention to each piece to make sure you eat the ink evenly
  • The depth of the needle into the skin should be chosen at 0.5mm, and at the same time, the needle should be sharp in the frame
  • When spraying, must constantly wipe tissue water and blood to avoid dilution of ink

After this is done, you need to ask the customer to come back to color, help the eyebrows color up as evenly as possible. In addition to these notes, you must also choose genuine inks that meet good quality. With that, you will have a beautiful standard color when you're done, with stable durability after a long time.

If you encounter a situation where a customer has a difficult time eating color, try to apply the solution that Miss Tram Academy Share it here. Hopefully, the article has provided you with useful knowledge and experience. Wish you success, bring your customers the most beautiful and natural eyebrows!

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