The Secret To Treating Eyebrow Spray For Oily Skin That Is Hard To Eat Ink

Eyebrow Spraying Experience For Customers With Oily Skin Seeing Red Ink, Difficult Skin To Ink Ink.

The current cosmetic method of eyebrows is highly appreciated for its natural aesthetics as well as the safety in the implementation process. However, in some cases, customers have oily skin and when spraying, the eyebrows do not eat ink.

Many customers with oily skin sweat a lot, making it very difficult for embroidery ink to penetrate the skin, seeing the color of the ink turn red, resulting in eyebrows that are finished without color and still look like they have never sculpted. This is one of the experiences and students need to add in the collection of ants to treat eyebrows for customers with difficult to eat color.

To fix this situation, you need to perform the following techniques:

  • Mix ink that is darker than the customer's color, choose one step to make your eyebrows peel off
  • In the process of going the needle should go lightly and slowly, pay close attention to each piece to ensure that the ink is evenly eaten, the depth of the needle down to the skin should be chosen at 1.5mm, and at the same time, the needle is sharp in the frame.
  • When spraying, must constantly wipe tissue water and blood to avoid dilution of ink

Above are general experiences to overcome the phenomenon of eyebrow spray for customers with oily skin that is difficult to eat ink. Hope the article has provided more useful information for you when encountering this situation.

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