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Effective Disinfection Measures For Beauty Spas

With the increasingly complicated epidemic situation, the owners of restaurants, businesses to service businesses are like "sitting on the fire". The closure "waiting for the epidemic to dissolve" is a necessary and mandatory thing. However, you cannot sit idly by, but need to plan to continue your business in the best way as soon as it is reopened.

For beauty spas, the most essential thing is to have measures to disinfect, disinfect and standard service processes to bring the safest and most trust to customers after the epidemic season. Therefore, this article Miss Tram Academy Please guide the effective disinfection equipment for spas.

Effective Disinfection Measures For Beauty Spas

1. Sanitize and disinfect the entire spa 

To ensure the prevention of the risk of infection from the environment, the entire spa space should be cleaned with a specialized disinfectant solution before and during opening operations. From machines, beauty tools to massage chairs, massage beds, etc., should be properly disinfected.

how to disinfect spa

In particular, items that are frequently held and come into contact with many people such as doorknobs, stair handrails, reception desks, restrooms and function rooms, etc., need to be cleaned and disinfected a lot. times a day. 

In addition, equipment, beauty tools or water cups must also be cleaned and disinfected immediately after use to ensure the safest for the next customer.

2. Prepare necessary antiseptic tools and utensils

In addition to regular space disinfection, spas also need to prepare enough antiseptic water, medical masks and arrange them reasonably so that customers can easily see and use them. At the same time, encourage customers to regularly wash their hands to effectively prevent disease.

All staff in the spa need to be trained to ensure that they have enough knowledge of disease prevention to bring the safety and trust to customers.

3. Rearrange the interior, ensuring a "safe" distance

Effective sterilization equipment

You need to arrange and rearrange tables and chairs in the waiting room area, massage beds, massage chairs, etc. to ensure a distance of at least 1m. This is the minimum distance to ensure the safety of customers with normal health manifestations.

This arrangement can be difficult for spas with a small scale and area. However, if the epidemic has not been extinguished, this arrangement will help your beauty salon ensure operating standards as well as provide peace of mind for customers. 

In particular, encourage customers to book in advance to minimize waiting time and limit contact with many people.

4. Strict customer acceptance process khách

Effective sterilization equipment

During this time, the reception of customers needs to be carried out according to strict procedures to ensure the safest for all customers and employees:

  • Prioritize customers to book an appointment by phone, web, fanpage to save waiting time and limit contact with crowds.
  • Each customer entering the spa should have their hands disinfected and have their temperature taken (measures should be taken to suit customers who have symptoms of fever, cough, cold, etc.).
  • Ensure the personal lockers of guests are disinfected before and after use, ensuring the safest for customers who come later.
  • Ensure to keep a safe distance for customers in the waiting room.
  • Ensure tools and beauty machines are disinfected for each use.
  • Ensure guests' towels, towels or drinking cups are only used once, and then disinfected.

5. UV lamps should be installed for service rooms dịch

Disinfectant tips for spas

Ultraviolet lamps are used to kill 100% of viruses, clean and ventilate the air flow in the room. With the mechanism of action through the cell membrane, breaking the DNA of bacteria / viruses, the action of ultraviolet rays will help disinfect and kill bacteria in the most effective way. 

Service rooms installed with ultraviolet lights will be disinfected before and after use in the most effective way, ensuring the safety of guests who come later.

This installation not only saves time and effort in cleaning and disinfecting the entire room for each guest, but also shows the most professionalism and trust of customers. Therefore, you can refer to the installation of these lighting systems for your service rooms.

The above are the share of Miss Tram Academy about effective sterilization equipment for beauty spas. Re-opening after the pandemic can be an opportunity for you to continue to grow your services in a stronger way. Therefore, always be ready to be trusted and received quickly by customers.

Hope the above sharing will be useful to you. Good luck!

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