How to Supplement Collagen Correctly To Always Have Beautiful Skin? 2

How to Supplement Collagen Correctly To Always Have Beautiful Skin?

Collagen plays an important role in the health and beauty of the skin. However, after the age of 25, the natural amount of collagen in the body will start to decline, causing a series of problems on the skin. Therefore, we must supplement collagen to prevent this situation. But how to properly supplement? Miss Tram Academy Will share more knowledge with you through the article below.

How to Supplement Collagen Correctly To Always Have Beautiful Skin? 3

How to Supplement Collagen Effectively For Healthy Skin

Collagen and the consequences when the skin lacks collagen

Collagen is essentially the main protein in the body, playing a role in the formation of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones and teeth. This ingredient accounts for 70% of the skin structure, determines the function of skin recovery and regeneration. Thanks to collagen, our skin maintains a smooth, firm appearance, limiting freckles and many other problems.

This protein is produced naturally in the body as an imperative mechanism. However, no mechanism is smooth and stable forever. In fact, after the age of 25, the body will lose about 1-1,5% of collagen because the self-production process is no longer the same.

The lack of collagen in addition to negative impacts on human health such as causing increased blood pressure, impaired immune system, many cardiovascular diseases, etc., the skin is the subject of heavy influence. The most noticeable skin manifestations of lack of collagen are sagging, less elastic, many wrinkles, skin pigmentation, freckles, less bright, ...

Health and beauty experts recommend that we have a method of early collagen supplementation to limit skin aging and help maintain youthful youthfulness forever. So how to supplement collagen to bring real effects?

how to supplement collagen

Collagen is very important for the structure of the skin

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A safe and effective method of collagen supplementation for the skin

"The essence of collagen is protein. When ingested, collagen is digested and distributed throughout the body. Drinking quality collagen basically does not cause side effects to the body.” – Dr. Doctor Ho Thu Mai, Head of Nutrition Department, Vinmec International General Hospital said. According to this assessment, in front of us, there are two main ways to supplement collagen for the skin: through eating and drinking collagen tablets directly.

Foods that do not contain collagen but have ingredients that increase the natural synthesis of collagen in the body. And this is a safe way, without causing any side effects. The food group that has this ability is dark green vegetables, legumes, fish and seafood, fruits rich in vitamin C, etc. Adjusted into daily meals, the skin will absorb collagen naturally. Natural with sufficient amount, stimulates the regeneration process to heal damage on the skin.

how to supplement collagen

+ Note: Effective Skin Rejuvenation Method With Collagen

Although this method has a long duration of action, it is considered the safest method, not only good for our skin but also good for our overall health.

As for collagen supplements, it is not bad, but must ensure the following two factors:

  • Quality
  • Sufficient amount

Collagen supplements should choose a type of clear origin, from a reputable brand and have undergone rigorous testing. Only in this way can we minimize the consequences that are not difficult to tolerate in the body.

The remaining amount here is the amount that is added to the body every day. The Collagen Research Institute in Kiel (Germany) has concluded that each day we should only take in no more than 2,5g of collagen to serve the needs of health care or beautiful young skin.

In addition to the above two methods, currently in the cosmetology - beauty industry, we can apply collagen injection directly into the skin, or laser with appropriate wavelengths to stimulate the regeneration mechanism and restore cell function. cuticle. This is a modern beauty method, but to be effective, it is necessary to master the technology, experience and skills to be able to handle situations that occur during the implementation process.

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