Steps to Squeeze Acne Correctly That Not Every Student Knows 2

Steps to Squeeze Acne Correctly That Not Every Student Knows

The "extermination" of acne is not simply using your hands to press hard on the skin to let the acne "escape" out. The process of getting acne kernels to have beautiful clean skin is a technique, requiring the KTV to have thorough knowledge and skills.

Let's join Miss Tram to collect a good knowledge every day with a sharing about the correct steps to squeeze acne that students need to remember.

Steps to Squeeze Acne Correctly That Not Every Student Knows 3

Instructions on the right steps to squeeze acne

Right time

You should know which types of acne are ripe enough, have acne cores to squeeze, should not arbitrarily squeeze inflammatory acne or not on acne.

Clean client's face

In order to get the acne kernels done smoothly, KTV needs to clean the face every other way to remove the dirt on the skin, use makeup remover, cleanser suitable for the skin, gently massage.

Disinfecting tools to squeeze acne

The first thing before taking the acne out is to wash your hands and the tool to squeeze the acne thoroughly, to avoid infection when doing it. With the acne squeezing tool, it should be heated over the fire, wait for it to cool, then apply a layer of alcohol or use cleaning water to disinfect before use.

Click acne

Use a tool to press the acne right at the place where the acne is to be taken, this technique allows the acne inside to come out easily.

Use your finger/squeeze stick to squeeze

When squeezing acne, there are 2 ways:

+ Using your hands: should use the force of your fingers to squeeze the area around the acne, so that the force focuses on the acne root from which the acne will be pushed out quickly, use extra gauze to absorb the water that the acne secretes.

+ Using a squeeze stick: gently press in the opposite direction of the pores. Note that only squeezing the acne when it is ripe and immediately handling the blood and yellow water stains inside the acne!

Clean your face after squeezing acne

After taking the acne core, should wash the customer's face thoroughly with facial cleanser. Next, you should apply good masks for the skin to effectively moisturize, clean and disinfect. In addition, to avoid large pores and prevent dark spots, you can use rose water, acne creams to help customers have smooth skin.

With the above content will help you understand the basic theory to handle unpleasant acne spots for customers, apply the skills you have learned to improve your skills.

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