Common Mistakes In Eyelid Sculpting 2

Common Mistakes In Eyelid Sculpting

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Common Mistakes In Eyelid Sculpting 3

Eyelid spray/sculpture requires a specialist with good technique because the eyelid contour is very small and closest to the eye area. Meticulous and careful in each ink path is extremely necessary. However, in the first steps of students' practice, there will certainly be technical errors, we need to learn technical errors and how to handle them in the following sharing:

1. Technical errors when spraying eyelids and how to handle them:

a. Eyelid contour is not sharp:

  • The walking technique is still weak, there is no decisiveness
  • Go too fast
  • Needle is too deep

Treatment: Laser erase the smudged area or use skin color ink to gently erase the smeared area

b. Stagnant ink (splattering)

  • Uneven force
  • Needle is too deep

Treatment: the only way is to remove the laser. Then spray new eyelids

2. Error in eyelid sculpting and how to handle it:

  • The ink splatters and turns blue due to the knife being too strong, too deep
  • The ink after peeling off can't see the color due to the ink passing, it's too light


  • Need to go evenly, stop wearing, not hesitate, hesitate. Only go 1 to 2 times for the first time to be even, then use a diagonal knife to insert the ink back 1 to 2 times, if still not colored, we drop 1 drop of color booster to stimulate color and prevent bleeding.
  • Apply evenly, then incubate for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then carve it again to make sure the eyelid lines will be focused and the standard color.

Wish you good study to practice well!

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