Common Mistakes In Eyelid Spray & How To Fix 1

Common Mistakes In Eyelid Spray & How To Fix It

Just like tattooing, eyebrow sculpting, this form of beauty with eyelids is sometimes difficult to avoid. So Common mistakes in eyelid spraying What is it and how to fix it? The article is below Miss Tram Academy will discuss this topic with you.

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Eyelid spray and common mistakes

Eyelid spray is a way to use ink to create sharp lines for the eyelids. To do this, experts have to use a tool with a micro-needle tip, go through each meticulous stroke on the eyelid area to bring the ink in. This specialized ink will change the pigmentation of the eyelids, helping the eyelids to have a clearer and more prominent highlight.

Eyelid spray is an alternative to the way of makeup between eyelids that is both time consuming and ineffective. Spraying eyelids will help your girlfriend own sparkling eyes, bigger and clearer. Currently, on the market, there are many types of eyelid spray such as: natural eyelid spray, water eyelid spray (spray eyelid with tail), fishtail eyelid spray, open eyelid spray, etc. beauty customers with different styles. You can follow the request or advise the customer to choose the type of spray that best suits the face.

Common mistakes in eyelid spraying and how to fix them
Common mistakes in eyelid spraying and how to fix them

Just like spraying eyebrows, when spraying eyelids, if we are inexperienced, we are prone to make the following mistakes:

Eyelid spray error is smudged
Eyelid spray error is smudged

Eyelid spray is smudged

This error is often caused by the unsteady hand of the KTV, hitting too fast causing the ink to spill out. For processing, you can use the 1064 YAG Laser to erase immediately with the lowest energy shot at the smeared part. In case your facility does not have a dedicated eraser, ask the customer to come back after 1 month to spray skin color on the smudged part.

Eyelid contour is not sharp

If you go too fast, the needle is deep and not definitive, it will cause the eyelid contour to lose its elegance and feel uneven. For this case, we also need to use a specialized laser machine to remove the smeared ink, or spray the skin color on the smudged ink.

Eyelids with ink

Eyelid error with ink
Eyelid error with ink

The KTV uses the needle with uneven force, pressing the needle deeply will cause the ink color to rise unevenly and be deposited on the eyelid contour. At this point, the only way to treat it is to remove it with a laser and then spray the new eyelid.

Some notes when spraying eyelids for customers

When spraying eyelids for guests, you must first conduct successful anesthesia. That way, the implementation process will minimize pain for guests, helping us to spray more easily and effectively.

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In addition to this note, eyelid spraying technique should pay attention to the following principles:

  • First, align the angle of the rear injector so that the needle tip is perpendicular to the skin surface. At the same time, the holding position must be steady.
  • Second, the force of the needle must be even and very gentle. Eyelid spraying does not go as fast as eyebrow spray, and at the same time, the line must be definitive, avoiding going back and forth too many times causing damage to the eyelid skin.
  • Third, when spraying the eyelid, the needle is about 1mm long, but the depth of the needle entering the skin is about 0.03mm-0.04mm. Keeping this distance will help limit the tearing of the eyelid skin causing a lot of blood as well as prevent ink stains on the eyelid.

Above are some Possible errors when spraying eyelids and effective solutions. Miss Tram Academy Hopefully these notes will provide more useful experiences, helping you to be more confident in the profession.

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