Precautions When Taking Care of the Tattoo Injector? 5

Precautions When Taking Care of the Tattoo Injector?

Tattoo machine is considered one of the important tools of tattooing. You need to choose for yourself a quality tattoo sprayer as well as properly maintain the machine to ensure the best operation of the machine. From there, bring the desired tattoo spray results for your customers. So the process of using the machine needs to be preserved how to get the longest life as well as the ability to operate the machine? To help you get the most general view, Miss Tram Academy I want to share a few notes when maintaining tattoo sprayers in the article below.

Precautions When Taking Care of the Tattoo Injector?

How to choose the right tattoo sprayer

Precautions When Taking Care of the Tattoo Injector? 6

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Tattoo sprayer is considered an effective assistant of every technician for this tattooing profession. If you choose for yourself a quality product, suitable for your skills, it will help you create beautiful works. Therefore, the selection choose tattoo machine is particularly important.

Choosing a tattoo sprayer Not only based on the price and origin of the machine, but we also need to pay attention to other factors such as vibration and elasticity of the machine. Besides, when choosing a machine, you need to pay special attention to the following 3 things:

  • Listen: You need to listen carefully to see if the sound of the machine works evenly?
  • Touch: Have you tried touching the vibrator like? Is the vibrator even? Does the device heat up when used for a while?
  • Test machine: You put the machine head on the edge of the nail to see how the machine vibrates? If the machine vibrates, it's fine.

In addition, the choice of machine depends on the technology you perform, your hand skills like? Because depending on your skills, suitable for a certain line of tattoo machines. Besides, factors such as demand, funding, ... are also factors you need to consider to be able to choose the best and most suitable tattoo sprayer.

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Maintenance of tattoo sprayers

Precautions When Taking Care of the Tattoo Injector? 7

As mentioned above, the tattoo sprayer is considered an effective assistant of every technician when following this tattooing profession. So you need to pay attention to be able to preserve the machine in the best way, to increase the life and use time of the machine. Because if you do not know how to maintain, the machine will be very easy to damage and you will have to spend a large amount of money on investing in a tattoo machine.

Precautions When Taking Care of the Tattoo Injector? 8

The maintenance of the tattoo sprayer is considered to be quite simple. You just need to pay attention after each use. Here are some notes when maintaining tattoo sprayers that you need to keep in mind:

  • Avoid letting ink spill into the core of the machine. If you accidentally spilled ink: use a very thin needle to clean the core of the machine with a very thin layer of cotton wool.
  • If the tip of the locomotive is contaminated with ink: put a few drops of oil on the tip of the needle, then point the needle into the ground. At the same time, turn on the machine and use a cotton swab to clean the needle.
  • After each use, the machine head must be soaked and washed, avoiding the color remaining in the needle tube to avoid overlapping ink.
  • After use, please keep the machine horizontal or vertical, avoid upside down, the ink will follow the needle axis into the image towards the machine.
  • Oil the machine regularly, clean the shaft periodically to make the machine operate smoothly and smoothly: For those of you who have knowledge and understanding about tattoo machines, oiling and cleaning the machine you can do at home. And for many female friends who are not good at this, you can schedule an appointment for a technician to check and clean the service for periodic maintenance, avoiding the risk of unexpected problems that may occur during the tattooing process for customers.

Precautions When Taking Care of the Tattoo Injector? 9

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In addition to the notes when maintaining the machine, you should also pay attention to the following issues to ensure the correct use of the tattoo sprayer:

  • During use, you should use the correct charger according to the device. Avoid sharing chargers or universal chargers. You should only use the correct charger according to the device for effective use and high durability. In case the charger that comes with the device is damaged and cannot be bought back, you can use a universal charger to replace it.
  • If your tattoo sprayer uses a direct power cord, during use, you should hold the power cord tightly, taking care to avoid breaking the internal wire.
  • If in the process of tattooing, the ink is uneven or slow to adhere to the color, you should change the needle and other tattoo nibs.
  • After each use of the machine, you should clean the machine head and the whole body. You can use physiological saline or alcohol to clean the machine. Then let it dry naturally in the air for 8-12 hours. This way the bacteria and germs that stick to it will be destroyed. This is one of the important things you need to pay attention to to protect yourself as well as your customers from being infected with infectious diseases as well as the appearance of skin infections.
  • Adjust the vibration to suit your skills. For those of you who are studying or just graduated, just keep the vibration at the lowest level.

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Here are some notes on machine maintenance Miss Tram Academy want to share with you. According to Miss Tram's assessment, it is quite important and necessary for every technician, especially for students who are still studying or have just graduated. Miss Tram also hopes that this article will help you gain the most general knowledge about tattoo machines as well as how to properly maintain the machine. However, this knowledge is not completely complete, so we hope to receive your comments to help the article be the most complete.

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