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Store Eyelash Extensions Correctly

Properly storing eyelash extensions will help your working process go smoothly, ensure product quality and save maximum costs for having to regularly change new when the tool is not guaranteed. manage. Although this is not a difficult job, it is something that many technicians forget during their working time.

How to Store Eyelash Extensions Correctly

With just a little attention during your work, you will help your eyelash extension kit have a longer life, thereby prolonging the time it has to be replaced, both saving you money and effort for choosing the right tools for their skills and abilities.

How to store eyelash extensions safely and effectively

Here are some tips for maintaining eyelash extensions that you can refer to:

1. Eyelash extension tweezers

Considered an effective arm of every technician, eyelash extension tweezers are an essential tool that you must have. With each different tweezers will give you different sensations, therefore, in the selection process, you must ensure that it is a tweezer that offers comfort when holding, light weight, no makes you lose too much force when picking, connecting and suitable for each different method of eyelash extension.

Storing Eyelash Extensions Correctly 5

With strict conditions in each selection, you should pay attention to preserving after each work to avoid possible damage to your tweezers. Some suggestions for you like:

  • Should have a separate box of tweezers to avoid collisions with other items as well as to avoid falling, which can cause the tip of the tweezers to be damaged and not be able to grasp and connect eyelashes correctly.
  • Tweezers need to be cleaned and disinfected after each use with specialized tools for cleaning tweezers.
    Should store tweezers in a dry place, avoid moisture can cause tweezers to rust.
  • Use tweezers according to their own use and especially should have a separate tweezer for removing eyelashes. Because the process of removing eyelashes will cause the tweezers to come into contact with the eyelash removal solution, if you use the same tweezers together, it will cause the tweezers to be quickly damaged.

2. Eyelash extension glue

Eyelash extension glue is an important adhesive that helps attach false eyelashes to real eyelashes to create thick, long, and curled eyelashes. Quality eyelash extension glue will help the eyelashes after being connected to be kept for the longest time. Therefore, using and storing eyelash extension glue properly will help improve the quality of eyelashes, bringing satisfaction to customers.

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Some tips to help preserve eyelash extension glue such as:

  • After each time you take the glue, you should clean the mouth and the cap of the glue bottle and tighten the cap tightly. If the glue around your mouth can't be removed, soak a little lash remover on a cotton swab and gently wipe your mouth to clean it.
  • Each eyelash extension, should take a sufficient amount of glue to use in 30 minutes, should not take too much nor too little. If it is too much, it will be a waste, because every 30 minutes, the glue will stratify as well as dry, causing the quality of the glue to be reduced. If it is too little, you will have to take it many times, opening and closing the bottle too much will cause the rest in the bottle to dry faster.
  • Store glue in a dry place, it is best to have a storage bag.
  • Do not let water or other solutions mix into the glue, it will reduce the quality of the glue.

3. Fake eyelashes

False eyelashes are the last important tool of eyelash extensions. If not stored properly, it can cause false eyelashes to rot, reduce the quality of eyelash extensions and affect the health of customers.

Storing Eyelash Extensions Correctly 7

Some notes on preserving false eyelashes such as:

  • It is recommended to store false eyelashes in a clean, hygienic box, avoid placing them in direct sunlight because it can cause false eyelashes to quickly decay and reduce quality.
  • Regularly check the quality of false eyelashes, especially before using to connect customers.

4. Other tools

Some other necessary eyelash extensions such as eyelash brushes, hand fans, etc. also need to be properly maintained to increase their use time. With these items should be stored in a dry place, cleaned after each use.

Eyelash extension tools are the conditions to help you work efficiently and quickly. In addition, they also have certain effects on the health of customers, so before and after each use, you need to clean and disinfect them with a specialized solution to ensure safety. absolute best.

With the above sharing, you can confidently use your gadgets for the longest time. Proper storage not only helps you save costs for yourself, but also brings the quality of the service you provide, thereby earning the trust and confidence of your customers.

Miss Tram Academy wishes you always success with the job you choose.

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