How to Take Care of Sprayed Lips After Splashing The Best 2

How to Take Care of Sprayed Lips After Splashing The Most

Spraying lips correctly, using quality ink has not yet brought 100% perfect results for customers because it lacks lip care after spraying. Proper care and adherence to certain principles will help the lips to have a beautiful standard color, high durability, and harmony with the overall face. This is one of the important notes that you must know to remind your customers Miss Tram Academy share.

How to Take Care of Sprayed Lips After Splashing The Best 3

How to Take Care of Sprayed Lips After Splashing The Most

After spraying the lips, what should I remind the customer?

spray lip care after peeling

Spray lips Whether the technique is old or modern, it takes a certain time for the lips to recover and color as expected. The needle process creates an impact on the lips, bringing the colored ink down to the skin. Therefore, more or less lips will suffer certain damage. However, if the correct procedures and techniques are followed, these injuries are not worrisome, even a condition to preserve the color layer, creating a new appearance for the lips.

Usually when the spray is finished, the lips are darker and the lines are not soft. However, about 3-7 days when the outer layer of ink peels off, the lips will have a more natural and gentle color. After about 2 months, the lips start to have a beautiful standard color and depending on the care of each person, the lip color can keep its freshness for a long time or encounter unexpected cases such as pale, dark lips. America.

After performing lip spray for guests, you need to note them the following important points:

  • After returning home, tell customers to apply Vaseline continuously to their lips to limit dryness and make it easier to peel off lips.
  • Water should be avoided in the first few days so that the ink color adheres well to the lips.
  • Do not use your hands to peel off the skin, let the lips peel off naturally.

spray lip care after peeling

So how to take care of the lips after peeling?

After about 3-7 days, the outer layer of skin peels off, but at this time, the lips are still quite sensitive and can be affected by many external factors. In order not to affect the aesthetics and health of ourselves, we can guide guests with the following basic care steps:

  • It is advisable to add enough water to the body to help stabilize the metabolism and quickly recover the damaged areas.
  • Eat a lot of fruits, foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E to effectively fight inflammation and promote color to a beautiful standard
  • You should limit alcohol and stimulants because they can make blood circulation unstable, affecting the color of your lips.
  • People who spray lips should avoid eating dark spices (especially soy sauce) because it can make the color not as before.
  • Choose lead-free lipsticks, lipsticks extracted from natural ingredients are better for the lips

Although lip spray technology Today is very modern, no need to spend time convalescing or abstaining from strict eating, but there are still cases of sensitive and easily irritated bodies with food when people have wounds. Therefore, to be on the safe side, tell your guests to temporarily avoid seafood, water spinach, sticky rice or fishy foods until their lips really return to normal. In addition, it is necessary to remind customers to return to add ink after 1-2 months of spraying.

How to take care of lips after spraying

Removing the local factor, if the customer takes care of their lips properly, the ink quality is satisfactory, the color fastness can last from 3-5 years, and the color is as fresh and natural as possible.

Please provide all of this information to your customers so that they can own beautiful, smooth and fresh lips anytime, anywhere.

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