How to choose & draw eyebrow shape suitable for each face, skin color

How to choose & draw eyebrow shape suitable for each face, skin color

Position of eyebrows:

- The position of the eyebrows is on the straight line of the nose and bridge of the nose.
- The position of the top of the eyebrow is on the 2/3 of the eyebrow, calculated from the eyebrow tip.
- The position of the tail of the eyebrow from the wing of the nose to the tail of the eye, crossing 1/3

Face shapes:

Oval face: This is a standard face, the upper forehead and the lower part of the chin are pointed, and the cheeks are full with an arc. The ratio between the length and width of the face is 4:3

  • Suitable eyebrow shape: all eyebrow shapes

Oval face is very easy to shape eyebrows

Round face: The forehead bones, cheekbones, chin bones and jawbones are arc-shaped, the face is full, with a relatively thick layer. The ratio keeping the length and width of the face is less than 4:3


  • Suitable eyebrow shape: The eyebrows are slightly curved but not too long, the eyebrows are lance shaped, the eyebrows are marked with ^, the eyebrows are semicircular

Bow eyebrows are the highlight for a round face

Square face: The angle of the upper forehead and the upper jaw is relatively wide, the origin of motion is clear. This face is very personal but lacks tenderness and meekness


  • Suitable eyebrow shape: semicircular, bow-shaped eyebrows.


Bow eyebrows are suitable for square faces

Long side: Cheeks sunken, not full. The ratio between the length and width of the face is not balanced. This face looks lifeless, sad feeling


  • Suitable eyebrow shape: horizontal eyebrows


Long face with horizontal eyebrows

Triangular face: The cheekbones are narrow, the jawline is too wide, the angle of transition is clear, the lower chin and the jawline are parallel. The lower part of the face is wide and equal, creating a feeling of tension and heaviness


  • Suitable eyebrow shape: slightly arched eyebrows


Heart face:

The heart face is a face shape from the eyes upwards with a fairly wide width, a small chin, and slightly sunken cheeks.

For the heart-shaped face, the eyebrow shape will depend on the width of the forehead and the chin. The eyebrows will curve slightly and evenly, then adjust the curvature to balance the width of the forehead and the slim part of the chin.

Thin, slightly curved eyebrows are suitable for heart faces

Diamond face:

The diamond face is a rather bony face shape, wide at the temples. This face shape is not common, so many people are difficult to imagine and do not know which eyebrow style to choose.

To help soften the diamond face shape, you should choose slightly curved eyebrows, press a little at the end of the eyebrow and the eyebrow is thicker than the head. This will help "cheat" the width of the temples, making your face more balanced.

Diamond face is suitable for curved eyebrows.

Choose eyebrow tattoo colors that match your skin tone:

Besides choosing the right eyebrow shape, eyebrow tattoo color also greatly affects the tattoo spray result. You should choose a color that matches your skin tone.

For light skin tone:

If you have a light skin tone, you do not need to choose too dark colors, but you can choose neutral black and brown colors to highlight your skin tone and youthfulness.

Light skin can choose a light eyebrow color

+ For dark skin - black skin:

When you have dark skin, you can choose a bold color to help your skin lighten and your eyebrows to not be too pale compared to the overall face.

Dark skin should choose dark-toned eyebrows

How to measure and draw standard eyebrows:

Option 1:  Use a special ruler or mold to draw eyebrows

  • Perfect eyebrows: suits all faces
  • Horizontal eyebrows: suitable for long faces, inverted triangles
  • Semicircular eyebrows: suitable for square, round, hexagonal faces
  • Tongue-shaped eyebrows: suitable for round, oval faces
  • Marked eyebrows ^: suitable for round face, personality, like model

Option 2:

  • Mark your eyebrows: consists of 3 parts: Head, Peak, and Tail
  • Distance from Head ==> Peak = 2/3, distance from Top ==> Tail is 1/3
  • The tip of the eyebrow remains the same, slightly flicked
  • Beautiful eyebrows have 3 shades: Light head, Dark middle, Medium Dark tail
  • The distance between the two eyebrows and the bridge of the nose ranges from 2-2.5cm
  • From the tip of the nose, measure perpendicular to the top of the eyebrow called the eyebrow tip
  • From the tip of the nose measuring diagonally to the heart of the pupil is the top of the eyebrow
  • From the side of the nose, measuring diagonally to the edge of the eye is the end of the eyebrow tail
  • Draw light eyebrows, harmonize and then bold
  • Then draw the same with the other side

note Important for tattoo artists:

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Criteria to create a beautiful eyebrow:

  • Stability: Hold the camera firmly, create a stable position, the new injector is stable without shaking, sharp lines
  • Standard, exact: Correctly and accurately determine the area to be tattooed, not to deviate, not to be smeared out
  • All: Needle depth should be even – Glide should be even – The color spread should be even
  • Symmetry: The two eyebrows must have the same height, the same color, and the same smoothness.

When a professional design a pair of eyebrows, the symmetry is only 1-1, 9-1. It is not necessary to draw two eyebrows that are 10% the same, but need to see each side of the face to design accordingly because most faces are not balanced on both sides, so the symmetry is only relative.

The eyebrow line must be located in the socket of the protruding eyebrow, the specialist needs to design it correctly. If it is too high or too low, it will not be possible to create facial expressions because the face has many different states such as talking, crying, laughing...

For example: A customer makes eyebrows 5-10 years after getting older, the face will change, so the specialist learns to design positioning to match the changing trend of the face with age. . From young to old, the skin may shift up or down, but the eyebrows are still suitable and balanced with the parts of the face.

Small tips:

  • To position the eyebrows, use the thumb to press the eye socket to the eyebrow, the eyebrow head starts from there. This way will make the eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows symmetrical, taking the highest point of the eyebrow we call the top.
  • The eyebrows are divided into three parts: from the top to the head is two parts, from the top to the tail is one part.
  • The lower line hugging the upper line can be positioned up and down according to the face:

+ If the person has a long face -> the tail is slightly down.

+ If the person has a round face -> a bit high tail.

+ If the person has a large face -> a slightly slanted tail will make the face look slimmer.

  • Once we have identified the head, the top and the tail, we will have the fastest way to draw the eyebrows: connect the top to the tail, connect the top to the head.
  • Eyebrows are very important. When the emotional nuances change, the brow tip also changes, the eyebrow shape must also coordinate with the face shape. The length of the eyebrow will depend on the corner of the mouth (measured from the corner of the mouth to the corner of the eye).


A few common shortcomings make the eyebrow shape not beautiful or unnatural:

+Add too many eyebrows

+ Missing eyebrows

+ Do not shape the eyebrows - look messy, do not create charm for the face

Exaggerate the arch of the brow to create an unnatural look – make it look surprised or angry

+ The eyebrows are too long to create an aged effect

Eyebrows that are too bold and square will immediately make them fake.

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