How to Use a Pimple Extrusion Kit According to Standard Medical Procedure 4

How to Use a Pimple Extrusion Kit According to Standard Medical Procedures

Squeezing acne if the wrong method will be the cause of a series of problems such as dark spots, scars, acne outbreaks, etc. That's why skin care technicians need to know how to squeeze the correct medical standards for each type of acne. 

Miss Tram Academy There have been many series of articles on differentiating acne types for your reference before. As for this article, Miss Tram Academy shares the correct usage procedures acne squeezing tool correct. If your technique is standard, and skilled, this is the secret to removing acne quickly. And this article also helps you in more detail about the acne squeezer.

How to Use a Pimple Extrusion Kit According to Standard Medical Procedures

1. Introduction to the acne squeezing kit 

In the past, using your hands to squeeze pimples was a common practice for many people. However, if the hand hygiene step is not clean, this is the cause of bringing bacteria from the hands to the acne, making the acne situation even more serious. In addition, the force from the hand, if not properly controlled, will cause the skin to suffer a great deal, causing darkening, scarring, etc., which is difficult to treat. Some types of acne such as blackhead, headless pustules, etc. are also difficult to remove thoroughly if only using hands.

How to use the acne removal tool

Therefore, a set of acne-squeezing tools was born to help thoroughly solve the difficulties in getting acne kernels. This kit will include:

  • Medical acne needle: These are needles with microscopic noses, the purpose of which is to create space in the acne spots, helping to push the acne deep inside out more easily.
  • Pimples: These acne squeezers are usually designed with two ends with one end being a sharp needle, the other used to squeeze acne. Or there are trees designed with both ends to squeeze acne but different sizes. You should prepare all kinds of acne squeezers with a variety of sizes, to be used for many types of acne.

These tools are all made of stainless steel to ensure safety for the skin. At the same time, it does not tarnish or rust when it is regularly exposed to disinfectants and cleaning agents.

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2. Medical standard acne squeezing process with acne squeezing kit

To help the process of squeezing acne be safe, leaving the least consequences on the customer's skin, the performer must be skilled technicians who are knowledgeable about the skin as well as types of acne. It is possible to distinguish which types of acne can be squeezed, which ones should not be squeezed or have not been squeezed. 

It is this step of squeezing acne that will determine whether customers trust their establishment or not, because if after squeezing acne, the customer's skin becomes more serious, this may cause their brand to lose credibility. credit and affect future business results.

Here are the basic steps to follow in the process of squeezing acne with an acne squeezing kit to bring about high efficiency:

Step 1: Sanitize your hands, acne squeeze kit

spa squeezing tool kit

The step of hand hygiene and the acne squeezing kit is an extremely important step to help avoid the risk of infection later. You should wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap. For tools that squeeze acne, you should heat it through hot fire and then wash it with alcohol after the tool has cooled down or can be cleaned with a specialized solution.

Notice: After each use, the tool should be cleaned as above and stored in a cool place.

Step 2: Clean the customer's face mặt

How to Use a Pimple Extrusion Kit According to Standard Medical Procedure 5

You need to make sure the client's skin is clean before molding. This both helps you clearly see the acne spots on the skin and at the same time does not let dirt, oil or makeup affect the acne spots causing inflammation.

First, you use a makeup remover to clean the guest's face, then follow the step of exfoliating and finish by washing the face with a suitable cleanser. Attention during this process, you should perform facial massage movements to help blood circulation and bring a feeling of relaxation to the client.

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Step 3: Facial Steaming

How to Use a Pimple Extrusion Kit According to Standard Medical Procedure 6

Facial steaming for customers with a dedicated facial steamer for a period of 3 minutes. This step will help open up the pores, making the process of squeezing acne easier.

Notice: You should regularly ask how the customer is feeling, is it too hot and adjust accordingly. Avoid burns.

Step 4: Squeeze acne

How to use the acne removal tool

After performing the above steps, the technician proceeds to squeeze the acne. Use a medical acne needle to create a small space between the acne spots so that the acne from deep inside is easily released. Then use the acne stick to gently press in the opposite direction of the pores to completely push the acne inside out. 

You should only squeeze the old acne spots, remove all the acne, pus and wipe it clean immediately after each acne is squeezed with medical cotton.

Step 5: Clean the face after squeezing acne

Tips to squeeze acne safely

After squeezing acne, you should use physiological saline to gently wipe and clean the entire face for the guest.

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Step 6: Care after squeezing acne

You can use a specialized mask for the skin after squeezing acne to apply it to soothe the skin and help tighten pores effectively. Then, apply acne medication to the pimples that have just been squeezed and tell the customer how to take care of their skin at home:

How to Use a Pimple Extrusion Kit According to Standard Medical Procedure 7

  • Only use physiological saline to wash your face in the first day after squeezing acne. In the following days, you can use a gentle cleanser for acne skin.
  • Do not use special skin care products during this time. Only use skin care products that are recommended for acne-prone skin and limit skin care steps as much as possible.
  • Do not use acne treatment products immediately after squeezing acne. When the wounds on the face heal completely (from 5-7 days later) start using.

Squeezing acne properly will help your acne treatment process be safer and more effective. With the above information, I hope you will gain useful knowledge Miss Tram Academy want to share. Don't forget to regularly follow Miss Tram Academy to update more new knowledge.


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