How To Fix Face Skin That Doesn't Eat Powder Simple And Effective 1

How to Fix Face Skin That Doesn't Eat Powder Simple, Effective

How to Fix Face Skin That Doesn't Eat Powder Simple, Effective

When doing makeup for guests in any style, it is important first of all to create a smooth foundation, so that the next steps will ensure harmony and highlight the overall face. However, there will be times when we encounter a situation where our face does not eat powder, making makeup more difficult than ever.

So in this situation how to handle? Is there a way to help create a smooth standard background like that? Please refer to the following tips and tricks of Miss Tram Academy you!

1. Why does the face not eat powder?

In makeup, foundation is one of the basic steps before applying other details. When the skin does not eat powder, the face will look very unsightly, thereby affecting the overall aesthetic of the customer.

If you observe, it will be easy to see that people with dry skin, lack of certain moisture will have a hard time applying makeup. People with this type of skin have rough patches on the outside, if they apply powder or cream to the layers of the skin that are difficult to penetrate, revealing uneven rough patches.

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In addition, another reason is that we apply the wrong makeup process, making the facial skin unable to be smooth and the peeling patches more visible than ever.

What should I do if my face doesn't eat powder?

People with dry skin have a hard time eating powder when applying makeup

2. So how to fix the face skin does not eat chalk?

When applying makeup (for yourself and the client), if you encounter a situation where your face does not eat powder, you can apply the following handling directions:

  1. First, deep clean the skin with gentle cleansers, suitable for the skin condition of the customer. According to experience, dry skin should avoid products containing alcohol because it makes the skin lose more water, causing more flaking. You should also remove makeup, remove the original cosmetic residue on the skin to make the skin more open.
  2. Second, prepare exfoliating masks from oats, sea salt or use available masks to help remove old cells. This will make the skin softer and easier to absorb nutrients.
  3. Third, before applying foundation to dry skin we must apply a layer of cream. This layer of moisturizer on the one hand moisturizes, makes the skin soft and smooth, on the other hand will limit skin peeling.

In addition to these treatments, you should also note a few things to get a smooth, bright background:

  • For dry skin, prefer primer makeup to create better adhesion. As for the foundation layer, you should switch to cream or liquid because it will help absorb quickly, creating a thin layer on the skin. Ordinary powders when encountering dry skin easily cause the phenomenon of "white mold" because dry skin has poor permeability.
  • To make the face skin smoother after makeup, we can mix the moisturizing serum with the foundation and beat it normally on the face. The skin will be provided with the necessary moisture, keeping the softness longer.
  • Skin that does not eat powder after applying makeup should use mineral spray evenly to lock the makeup layer and retain the necessary moisture for the skin.

And more importantly, before you start applying makeup, you must carefully consider what type of skin the customer has in order to apply the right cosmetic lines. Currently on the market, whether it is dry, oily or combination skin, there are products that are formulated with separate indexes. Choose the right products, we will avoid makeup errors, protect the skin more effectively.

Some of the above shares of Miss Tram Academy Hope useful to you. I wish you success in overcoming the condition of your face that does not eat powder!


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