Before And After Sculpting The Queen's Eyebrows To Fix Small Heads

Actual Results The Process of Correcting Small Head Eyebrows by Queen Sculpting Method.

Before: The eyebrow shape of the customer is not really in harmony with the face when the head is small, the eyebrows are few and pale. 

Or: Regarding the plan to overcome, Miss Tram has consulted and suggested to her to use sculpting technology, creating each eyebrow arranged interlaced with the old eyebrow to keep the natural features. This option is fully agreed by her because after researching and listening to advice, she highly appreciates the qualifications of the experts as well as the professionalism that Miss Tram has. 

Therefore, a new pair of eyebrows with clear sculpted strands, well-proportioned shape, suitable for the face according to the GOLDEN RATE has been completed for her by the expert.

Let's take a look at these new eyebrows and leave a comment if you need Miss Tram's advice on any questions! 


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