How to Make Eyebrow Spray Fast and Color Up Standard 2

How to Make Eyebrow Spray Fast and Color Up

After spraying embroidery, the eyebrow area will form an outer layer to both protect the skin and help the ink color tone up in the most standard way. The time to shed this scab depends on the location of each person, it can be 3-5 days or longer. However, you can make your eyebrows shine and color up quickly with these "tricks" Miss Tram Academy following instructions.

How to Make Eyebrow Spray Fast and Color Up Standard 3

How to Make Eyebrow Spray Fast and Color Up

Eyebrow spray is a very popular method today, giving customers a satisfactory eyebrow, not only women, but also men also love this beauty method. Therefore, eyebrow spray is a career that opens up a lot of opportunities for young people.

By using an eyebrow sprayer with a micro-needle tip to put ink under the skin, forming "ink threads" to see real eyebrows, modern eyebrow spray technique will give customers a beautiful eyebrow. and natural. After spraying for a few days, you will start to peel and after about 1 month, you will start to look beautiful. However, to achieve this, the “needle holder” should note the following issues.

eyebrows spray quickly

Quality eyebrow spray

Any profession needs words CENTER Along with the word TAI, so is tattooing. First, you need to make sure that the sprayer is thoroughly sterilized and that the tattooing process ensures the correct procedure, because that not only determines the results of tattooing but also affects the health of your clients.

Next, make sure that the needle is properly followed and manipulated because if the person holding the needle goes without the needle, the wrong technique will easily make the eyebrows turn blue, red or damage the sprayed skin. In addition, you should also use quality inks, to ensure the best for your customers.

eyebrows spray quickly

+ Note: Method of Treatment of Red Eyebrows

Advice after spraying thoroughly

The post-spray care regimen has a great influence on the quality and helps the eyebrows fade faster, so please advise specifically on how to care for your eyebrows after spraying for customers. The care of eyebrows after spraying is not too complicated, you need to note a few issues as follows:

  • The first is after spraying you, absolutely do not let you get dirty, make you infected. Next, it is necessary to limit the water on the eyebrows to affect the ink color.
  • After spraying eyebrows, must clean and apply ointment to ensure the best color.
  • Drinking a lot of water, eating vegetables containing many vitamins, especially vitamin C will help you heal quickly and have the most natural beautiful color, you should advise this with your customers.
  • Although spraying, sculpting, embroidery does not hurt the skin, it is best to advise your customers to abstain from soy sauce or other stimulants to avoid affecting the ink color.
  • When you peel off, absolutely do not scratch or peel off your eyebrows with your hands because this will affect the skin and cause the ink color to deviate from the standard.
  • Please note that in the first month after embroidery, customers should not use eyebrow powder or pencil to paint over the sprayed eyebrows because it may affect the ink color.

You should also note that depending on each person's location, the time for eyebrows may be different, some customers may experience a situation where the eyebrows are too slow or the color is different, so don't panic. First, you need to carefully examine your eyebrows to determine the cause, if the color is deviated, you need to support the ink again to make sure the customer has the most satisfactory eyebrows.

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"The most skilled, the most honorable", no matter what profession, you also need to strive for proficiency and excellence, and at the same time be deeply attached to the profession.

With tattooing too, no one is perfect for the first time, so you need to master the error correction measures to have a reasonable error correction direction, and at the same time constantly train to become a spray technician. you professional.

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