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How To Get Acne For Customers The Right Way

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How To Get Acne For Customers The Right Way 3

In the process of treating acne for customers, there are procedures that require the acne to be removed before using the drug to be effective. Miss Tram received a lot of questions from customers as well as students about how to get acne kernels so that they don't get infected, leave dark marks, etc.

In fact, not all types of acne can apply this way, and depending on the type of acne we will have a suitable method of getting the core.

Acne can be divided into two main types:

  • Mild form: acne bran, blackheads, whiteheads, sebaceous fibers and endocrine acne.
  • Severe form: hidden papules under the skin, headless pustules, cystic acne.

Usually when the skin has problems, 2-3 types of acne will appear at the same time. In the process of treating acne, we are forced to take out all the acne to apply lasers or special drugs. However, you must pay close attention to clearly identify the type of acne and acne condition before performing acne removal: only apply acne spots that exist inside. As for the types of acne, absolutely do not squeeze the core: blood blisters, blisters, skin tags, newly popped pimples are still red because they have no core. If you squeeze acne, it can cause pain to customers, leave scars and bruises on the skin. At that time, the acne situation is more severe.

Each type of acne will have a different way of squeezing as follows and Miss Tram recommends:

  • Cystic acne: you will use a sharp needle to prick the acne to have an opening, then squeeze all the acne and fluid out with your hands.
  • Acne under the skin: then use your hand to stretch the acne skin until it is different from the normal skin color, then use the tip of the needle to squeeze the acne and squeeze all the acne out.
  • Acne bran: you must not squeeze, but use the acne removal method with quality masks, ensuring high safety.
  • Milk acne: it will be easier and more effective if you use a vacuum cleaner or a specialized squeezer.

After squeezing the acne, we will conduct intensive skin care and depending on the skin condition, we will apply appropriate treatment technology such as: Traditional traditional medicine acne treatment combined with CO2 Fractional technology, Acne treatment by Green Laser/Blue Light technology, Oxy Jet Technology, Nano Skin Technology, Bio Light Technology…

Note that in the process of squeezing acne for customers, you must make sure to disinfect your hands and support tools. At the same time, it must help customers relax, have the most comfortable lying position to reduce pain and discomfort.

You should also note that customers are not allowed to use the squeegee to get their own kernels at home because both leave scars and risk infection because the tool is not properly disinfected.

Good luck with your mission!

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