How to Prepare Eyebrows for Customers Who Have Hanged or Scared

|Question – Answer| How to Prepare Eyebrows for Customers Who Have Hanged or Scared

Just like the scarred eyebrow, the customer after hanging the eyebrow will leave a scar line that if the eyebrows are sparse, or not in the right shape, the scar will appear unsightly. So for customers who have hung or scarred on their eyebrows, how to get the right eyebrows?

First of all, for these cases, the specialist needs to advise the customer on the method of sculpting the eyebrows, which is the best choice, because this method does not create a border around the eyebrows, but each strand. You are meticulously sculpted, soft like the real you, so you can cover the scar in the most natural way.

The technique of sculpting eyebrows for customers with hanging or scarred eyebrows is still done normally, but the specialist needs to do it carefully and more carefully in the scar part to create a natural, even color for both eyebrows. .

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