How to Choose the Right Eyelid Spray for Each Eye Shape 2

How to Choose the Right Eyelid Spray for Each Eye Shape

Eyelid spray is a method to help customers get bigger, rounder eyes, with more depth without having to spend a lot of effort to paint every day. Besides, this method also helps to overcome the inherent defects of the eyes. However, to do that well, you need to advise customers to choose the right type of eyelid spray suitable for each of their eye shapes.

Thus, promoting the advantages of eyelid spray as well as limiting the customer dissatisfaction after implementation. So with which eye shape will it be suitable for which type of eyelid spray? Find out with the article below.

How to Choose the Right Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape

What is the eyelid spray method?

Eyelid spray is a method of micro-embroidery spraying with a micro-needle, the technician will gently put the ink on the eyelid edge according to the dark and light lines, the style and color depending on the customer's preferences.

Choose the type of eyelid spray that suits your eye shape

Currently, with modern technology, eyelid spray only affects the epidermis of the eyelid skin, with a super-small and sharp nano-needle tip, so it does not cause pain and does not cause irritation to customers. However, because it is performed in the very sensitive eye part, it requires the technician to be a person with solid skills as well as the implementation process to meet hygiene and safety standards, without affecting the quality of life. aesthetics and health of customers.

The type of eyelid spray as well as the color will depend on the facial features and eye shape to advise customers in the most suitable way. How to finish it, will help the overall face be harmonious, the eyes have depth and attraction.

Choose the type of eyelid spray that suits each eye shape

Eyelid spraying not only helps customers remove meticulous makeup every day, but it also helps to enhance the advantages as well as overcome the inherent disadvantages of the eyes, thereby bringing a beautiful, attractive eyes. the opposite. And to do that, choosing the type of eyelid spray is very important. Here are some types of eyelid spray suitable for each eye shape that you can refer to:

1. Single eyelid/lined eyelid mí

beautiful standard eyelid spray technique

This is a fairly common eye shape of women in our country, with the feature that there is no clear eyelid line, making the face look quite sad and not fresh.

At this time, in order to limit the defects of the monolid / liner, you should advise your customers to choose a spray style with the eyelid border close to the eyelashes, the tail is thick and long. If you have small eyes, spray a thick liner in the middle and gradually thin it towards the corners of the eyes to improve the shape of the eyes, making them look bigger and rounder.

2. Crooked eyes

prestigious eyelid spray spa in hcm

The drooping eyes are known for the feature that the tail of the eye is slightly downward, making the overall face neither fresh nor sad.

To overcome these disadvantages, you should go to contour your eyelids with the corners of the eyes raised in the style of cat-eye liner. This can create a feeling of more balanced eyes, and also help the face to be fresher and brighter.

3. Big round eyes

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Big round eyes always attract the eyes of any person opposite with a bright, youthful face. And those who own this eye shape also want their eyes to look longer and have more depth.

In order to bring harmony to the face, with this big round eye shape, you should go with the eyelids with normal thickness, the tail is elongated and slightly raised. This can help lengthen the eyes as well as create harmony for the overall face.

4. Almond eye shape

How to Choose the Right Eyelid Spray for Each Eye Shape 3

The almond eye shape is the most balanced and harmonious of all eye shapes. Similar to an oval face, any hairstyle can be worn, so is the almond eye shape, the type of eyelid spray is also suitable, making the eyes more attractive and attractive. At this point, you should rely on the preferences of the customer to advise the appropriate type of eyelid spray.

Knowing the characteristics of each eye shape as well as choosing the right type of eyelid spray, you will definitely bring satisfaction to your customers. Combined with regular practice, improving skills, updating the latest beauty trends and technologies will be a springboard to help you make great strides in your work, attracting a large number of customers to choose. and bring in a stable source of income for themselves.

And do not forget to ensure absolute safety and hygiene when doing so, to avoid serious consequences for customers as well as the facility you are working with.

With the above information, hopefully, it has brought you useful knowledge, which can help the process of learning, training and practicing better. Miss Tram Academy always look forward to providing you with practical information for work and life. So, please regularly follow the articles of Miss Tram Academy.

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