The Easiest Anti-Sagging Face Massage Tips For KTV Spa

In addition to specialized lifting machines and technology, KTV can completely help customers own firm skin, lift muscles, and prevent sagging by massage.

If you want to know in detail how this technique is done, click on each photo to see it right away!

Simple and Effective Anti-Slagging Facial Massage For KTV Spa

1. Forehead massage

KTV uses 2 index fingers to gently stroke from the top of the eyebrows to the sides, moving gradually towards the hairline. Repeat the movement slowly, gently 2-3 times for high efficiency.

2. Nose massage vùng

Using the middle and ring fingers of both hands, gently stroke from the tip of the eyebrow to the side of the nose. Next, use the middle finger to swipe up and down the two tips of the nose to bring a smooth stretch effect in this area.

3. Massage the cheek area

– Hold both hands slightly, then use the inside of the hand to gently massage from the bottom of the jaw to the cheekbones, then move to the forehead, Proceed slowly 2-2 times.

Use the thumb and index finger to gently pull the skin around the cheekbones and hold for 10 seconds, then switch to the operation of placing the index and middle fingers into a V shape, moving slowly from the middle of the lips to the two corners of the mouth ( repeat 2 times).

Finish the movement by spreading your hands and then moving from your chin to your cheeks and up to your forehead.

4. Massage the eye area

KTV uses the middle finger to gently press the points at the top of the eyebrows and ends with pressing the temples. Do it 5-7 times per day.

This is a method to help customers have a firm, slim face without invasive. What are you waiting for, do not apply right away!

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