How to Mix Eyebrow Ink Correctly In Each Case

|Miss Tram students review lessons| How to Mix Eyebrow Ink Correctly In Each Case

Come on, let's all review the lesson of mixing eyebrow color very well to prepare eyebrows for the customer's eyebrows.

1. Basic colors:

Medium brown, dark brown, dark brown moss, black, skin color, golden brown, dark brown, western brown, gray brown, neutral color to treat light red or light blue eyebrows...

2. How to mix ink color:

▪️ For white people who like brown a lot – Spray natural brown color: 4 drops of HS – 1 (dark brown) + 2 Sienna Suede (brownish)

▪️ For white people who like a little brown, light color – Spray gray brown: 2 Sienna Suede + 2 Dark Brown (gray brown)

▪️ For people with dark skin, use dark brown: 4 drops of HS-1

▪️ Common dark brown color: Medium Brown HS-1

▪️ Gray Brown: 1 Gray + 1 Dark Brown (suitable for European customers)

▪️ Chocolate brown color: 1 chocolate Caramel (suitable for white people who like golden brown, light hair dye)
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