How to Remove Eyelash Extensions Correctly and Safely 1

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions Correctly and Safely

Eyelash extensions is one of the methods to help women quickly get attractive eyes. If the process of eyelash extensions is important to decide whether the eyelashes are beautiful or not, the process of removing eyelashes also needs to be done properly to avoid affecting the real eyelashes. Here are some shares of Miss Tram Academy about How to properly remove eyelash extensions? and safe. We invite you to consult.

How to properly remove eyelash extensions?
What should I pay attention to when removing eyelash extensions?

Tips to Remove Eyelash Extensions Correctly and Safely

Today, work eyelash extensions is no longer strange to many women. It helps girls own more attractive eyes as well as overcome the inherent defects of the eyes. Thereby helping the beauty rank up a lot more. Currently, there are many modern eyelash extension methods to help bring a natural, gentle eyelash to the owner such as angel lashes or a personalized eyelash like the black rose eyelash extension method. And there are many different methods of eyelash extension that are popular today.

A good technician who attracts a large number of customers must not only bring beautiful natural eyelashes, not bulky, not heavy on the eyes as well as affect the health of the customer. There must also be a gentle, safe eyelash extension procedure that does not affect the eyelashes as well as the health of the eyes.

Tools needed for eyelash removal

In order to remove eyelash extensions smoothly, quickly and safely, you should prepare all the necessary tools for eyelash removal. Some must-have tools such as: wax/gel remover, toothpick, tweezers, tray for removing eyelashes, cotton wool.

Note when removing eyelash extensions
How to remove eyelash extensions painlessly

To ensure the safety of customers, you should use quality, genuine and clear origin wax/gel. You should also choose a quality brand, not cotton in a short time.

Tools for removing eyelashes are relatively simple, however, lack of any one of the above tools can make the process of removing eyelashes more difficult or affect real eyelashes.

In addition, after removing eyelashes, you should clean the tools thoroughly and sterilize them with a specialized solution.

Steps to remove eyelashes properly and safely

The process of removing eyelashes is also quite simple, just need to get used to it, you can do it in a very short time. However, do not be too hasty when wax/gel remover undissolved eyelash extension glue may cause lashes to be affected.

Safe steps to remove eyelash extensions
Steps to remove spa standard eyelash extensions

Here is the eyelash removal procedure that you can refer to:

  • Step 1: Using a toothpick to remove eyelashes, apply wax/gel to remove eyelashes on the false eyelashes.
  • Step 2: Incubate the wax / gel to remove the eyelashes for a period of 2-3 minutes for the wax to take effect, to dissolve the eyelash extension glue.
  • Step 3: After 2-3 minutes, use eyelash tweezers to gently remove false eyelashes from real eyelashes. Remove where to clean the lashes there.
  • Step 4: After completing the removal of false eyelashes, use a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover solution to wipe the eyelashes and finish removing the eyelashes.

After removing eyelashes, you should instruct customers on how to care for eyelashes after extension. You can use eyelash balm or eyelash cream to use every night. Because the posterior lashes are very sensitive and weak, care is needed to keep them healthy. As well as limiting eyelash extensions too often, there should be a break between eyelash extensions. This will help the lashes recover after each eyelash extension.

In addition to eyelash care products, you can use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, etc., which are also effective. Besides, regular eye massage also has the effect of stimulating eyelashes to grow faster and stronger. You can refer to the eye massage exercises here.

Why should you not remove your own eyelash extensions at home?

Should I remove eyelash extensions at home?

Eyelash extensions are the process of using eyelash extensions to glue false eyelashes to real eyelashes. This eyelash extension glue has a relatively strong adhesion, if the customer arbitrarily removes the eyelashes at home, it may cause the real eyelashes to fall off because of the impact force when trying to remove the false eyelashes.

In addition to broken eyelashes, the impact when trying to remove eyelashes can affect your eyelids as well as your eyes, forming wrinkles, overlapping eyelids after impacting for a long time.

note: Before performing eyelash removal, you should check the client's lashes to see if they should be removed or just reapplied. This not only helps customers save costs but also helps improve your credibility a lot.

As shared above by Miss Tram Academy, hope you have grasped the basic steps to remove eyelashes, help protect customers' lashes in the best way. Thereby improving the quality of service you provide. At the same time, receive the support and choice from customers in the coming times. From there, it helps to develop your name and brand. Helping eyelash extensions become one of the professions that bring stable income and develop in the future.

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