How To Treat Inflammatory Acne Without Scars In Men 1

How To Treat Inflammatory Acne Without Scars In Men

According to experts, male there will be a rate of acne higher than women and usually appear between the ages of 15-30. When acne, especially inflammatory acne, the possibility of scarring in men is very high. Therefore, how to effectively treat inflammatory acne and not leave scars is a problem that many spa specialists are interested in.

To be able to help customers solve this problem, spa specialists need to know the information related to skin conditions, as well as the most appropriate and effective treatment. With the article below Miss Tram VietNam Please share some tips to help solve the above problem in the best way. Please read on to know more.

What causes inflammatory acne?

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Causes of inflammatory acne

Inflammatory acne Acne is a condition that worsens from acne when not treated properly. This type of acne usually appears in places such as: cheeks, nose, forehead, chin. Common causes of inflammatory acne are:

  • Due to improper skin care, skin hygiene is not clean, leaving residues on the skin.
  • Using cosmetics of poor quality or not suitable for the skin.
  • Or pop pimples and touch your face with your hands
  • Due to hormonal disorders, parts of the intestines, liver or lungs have problems.
  • Frequent exposure to a polluted environment, lots of dust, noxious gases.
  • Unscientific diet, drinking less water, not getting enough sleep, stress, etc.

Why are men prone to scarring after acne?

The percentage of men after treatment for inflammatory acne and experiencing scarring on the skin is now quite common. The main reason that Miss Tram has concluded is that men often do not pay attention to taking care of their skin. They often pop pimples on their own and do not have the right way to treat the wound, making the condition worse, the skin is damaged and causing scars to the skin.

how to treat inflammatory acne for men

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Besides, diet, irregular activities, frequent use of stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tobacco, ... are also the causes of acne and scarring. And yet, men often rarely go to the doctor, but only squeeze acne or buy medicine to apply. Not to mention whether the drug is suitable for the skin so the effect is usually not good.

How to treat inflammatory acne effectively, leaving no scars in men

To remove acne and ugly scars, you can apply the following simple and useful methods:

Do not arbitrarily pop acne

Many men are often subjective in this matter and arbitrarily squeeze acne when it is not ripe, making acne worse. Squeezing acne causes bacteria in the hands and acne spots to spread to the surrounding skin. If you squeeze acne incorrectly, it will cause links collagen and elastin is broken, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and become scarred.

In some cases, it even causes the skin to become infected with blood, causing complications of meningitis. Therefore, to be safe, you should not pop pimples yourself if you do not have enough knowledge about it. Go to reputable dermatology or spa facilities for advice and take acne safest, most secure.

safe inflammatory acne tips for men

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Use special masks

Currently, there are many popular types of special acne masks, besides the high-end and expensive ones, you can choose those with homemade ingredients from ingredients available at home. Guaranteed safe, benign, very effective and the cost is also very cheap.

Add nutrients to the skin

After acne skin and acne treatment, men need to pay attention to a scientific and moderate diet. At the same time, supplement vitamins from vegetables and fruits, drink a lot of water, do not use products containing alcohol, stimulants. Next is to use moisturizer or sunscreen When going out is also ways to help avoid leaving scars for guys after treating inflammatory acne.

What is inflammatory acne?

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Combining the use of specific drugs

  • For small inflammatory acne, you can choose drugs that contain ingredients that soften and peel the stratum corneum (Salicylic Acid, Sulfur...).
  • If acne acne is inflamed, red and painful, choose medicines with Benzoyl Peroxide, ...
  • With more severe conditions such as acne, pustules, absolutely should not arbitrarily use special drugs indiscriminately. Please consult experts, knowledgeable doctors for the best advice.

* Note: Shouldn't be used acne medicine of unknown origin, containing corticosteroids, should be properly cleaned regularly. To ensure that dirt does not stick to the surface, creating conditions for bacteria to multiply.

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To treat inflammatory acne completely and leave no scars in men is really not difficult, but it must be used properly, with the right skin condition. Therefore, in order to solve the customer's problem in the best way, the specialists must be very knowledgeable about the condition, the cause as well as choose the best treatment solution for the customer. Hopefully the information that Miss Tram has just shared above will help readers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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