The Best Way to Consult & Treat Melasma for Customers 2

The Best Way to Consult & Treat Melasma for Customers

The Best Way to Consult and Treat Melasma for Customers

Melasma is one of the most serious problems on the skin, and the treatment is complicated and the effective time is also longer. However, the core problem when receiving these cases is how we identify the condition and advise the appropriate treatment method for the client.

1. Melasma and the basic knowledge you need to know

When melanin pigment accumulates in excess of normal in the dermis and dermis, it will cause the skin to have many round spots of yellow, brown or dark brown color. This is called melasma – one of the most unpleasant guys for women's beauty.

melasma and the causes of melasma

In fact, melanin is not all bad, it even takes on the role of safe protection for the skin from effects such as high temperature, UV rays, chemicals, etc., making the skin stronger and more supple. . However, if the mechanism of melanin production is disturbed, excessive growth will easily cause darkening of the skin, the formation of large or small areas of melasma.

Usually, the most melasma areas will be concentrated on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead. And melasma is mainly due to hormonal disorders (most commonly in pregnant, childbirth or perimenopausal women), influenced by environmental factors. In some cases, we can get melasma if we eat unhealthy, use poor quality cosmetics and are influenced by genetics.

2. Melasma is divided into 3 main types as follows:

  • Spotted melasma, also known as deep melasma, is characterized by dark spots with deep roots in the epidermis. Note that this is the most difficult type to treat.
  • Melasma patches with lighter pigmentation, eating melasma lightly eats the outer skin layer. This type of treatment is easy and quick.
  • Mixed melasma is a combination of the two types above.

Here, Miss Tram Academy wants to remind you that when advising guests, it is necessary to clearly identify the customer's condition, advising to help customers better understand the mechanism of skin pigmentation formation. At the same time, when making treatment options, we must also understand that melasma treatment is to regulate the areas of increased melanin accumulation, not eliminate them completely. The methods of action aim to balance pigmentation, help the skin tone, become brighter.

3. How should I receive and treat melasma?

When receiving skin pigmentation treatment customers, you need to do the following steps well:

Step 1: Skin examination

It is necessary to examine the skin to check the customer is experiencing any melasma condition and collect information about the customer, specifically: have they been melasma for a long time, have used any strange cosmetics, have given birth, ... will help you assess the cause of melasma on the customer's face.

noteIf you have ever treated melasma with drugs or lasers, you must be careful, to avoid irritation problems that make the condition worse.

How to advise and treat melasma for customers with spa standards

Step 2: Consult the course for customers

After clearly identifying the skin condition, you will advise the customer to understand what to do, how long to treat and with what technology, etc.

Currently in the spa - cosmetology industry, the fastest, safest and most effective problems related to melasma is laser projection. However, there are also cases where applying algae or specialized drugs will bring the desired results. The drugs mainly nourish skin cells, fade pigmentation to return the original glow to the skin.

Step 3: Carry out the appropriate procedures trình

After the consultation and the client agrees to the treatment, we will proceed. If you use a specialized cream, you must test it on a small area of ​​​​the customer's skin (try about 3 days). If irritation occurs, stop and switch to another type. And the appropriate form of melasma using cream or algae is the type of melasma caused by the environment (a lot of sun).

Treating people with melasma due to hormonal changes, it is best to shoot a laser with a frequency of 360J, flash 3. Depending on the situation, the number of times performed may vary.

The Best Way to Consult & Treat Melasma for Customers 3

During the course of treatment, customers with deep-seated melasma should supplement with oral drugs to increase effectiveness. We can assign guests to use Oreful, collagen ZO or Xuan Hong.

In some cases, the client's skin is too thin, it is necessary to apply the method of raising stem cells, helping the skin to be healthy before applying specialized cream or laser treatment.

Along with the treatment at the Spa, you need to note that guests have reasonable skin care, drink enough water, supplement vitamin-rich foods and absolutely must apply sunscreen, protect their skin carefully when going out.

Some of the above shares of Miss Tram Academy hope has provided more useful experience for you. To fully grasp the skills and knowledge about skin care and treatment, quickly register for attractive courses at Miss Tram Academy.

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