Before And After Treatment of Green Eyebrows and Powder Spraying

Actual Results of Customers After Treating Green Eyebrows and New Beautification by Powder Eyebrow Spray.

Before: The old customer's old eyebrows now have green turn phenomenon after undergoing previous cosmetic procedures. She stopped by Miss Tram to "give" her eyebrows to the Specialist full processing power

Miss Tram really thank you for ordering the whole thing faith for Team Miss Tram. So the specialist tried his best not to let her down. 

Or: Her eyebrows are first treated with the green part by professional operations. Then use method powder eyebrow spray for her - is one of the beauty methods from the land of Kim Chi (Korea). This technique only touches the ink to push the ink into the epidermis of the skin without affecting the dermis, combined with spraying eyebrow powder to create a smooth color like when you draw makeup.

You can refer to the eyebrow results in more detail below! 


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