How to Handle Sculpted Eyebrows Not Coloring 1

How to Handle Sculpted Eyebrows Not Coloring

Sculpture of eyebrows It is one of the most popular advanced cosmetic technologies in recent times. Because it is still new, many KTV and students still do not have much experience to handle, especially with error situations.

One of the most common mistakes when painting is that you can't see the color or the ink is smeared. So what is the effective way to overcome this situation, as well as the sculpting technique you need to pay attention to to make the most beautiful eyebrows?

How to Handle Smudge in Eyebrow Sculpture

How to Handle Sculpted Eyebrows Not Coloring

Sculpting eyebrows and possible mistakes

How to handle sculpted eyebrows without color

If normal tattoo spraying will use a specialized machine, then the sculptor will use micro-knives, assembled together to carve on the skin to put ink in. This technique is capable of creating natural eyebrows, each ink stroke looks exactly like real eyebrows. When sculpting, the craftsman will align the angles between the eyebrows so that they are very small and must follow the growth direction of the real eyebrows.

Sculpting eyebrows have many different types of carving, including parallel, single strand, long and short double strand, herringbone thread, fence, skein, etc. Before implementation, you will introduce the client to the styles. this and advise the type that best suits them.

Just like spray embroidery, after 3-5 days, the sculptural eyebrow will start to peel off. After the first time, you will begin to stabilize the color, the fibers will gather and become more defined. However, in some cases, the eyebrows after finishing or peeling off do not see the color, the color is too light, there is a phenomenon of color spreading or turning green.

As for these errors, according to Miss Tram Academy's experience, it may be because the sculpting process you go is uneven, not definitive in each engraving leading to the knife click. Therefore, the ink on the skin is uneven, the skin does not eat the ink, so you fail completely.

Sculpted eyebrows do not color

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For the situation where the sculpting is not colored, you should do the following:

  • You should only go for the first time, then use a diagonal knife to insert the ink 1 to 1 times
  • You can use the tip of a toothpick to take an appropriate amount of ink and lightly spread it across the eyebrow. This way will help the ink penetrate into the eyebrows faster
  • If the color is still not visible, add 1 drop of the color enhancer. This method both helps color faster and has an effective anti-bleeding effect. After small, you apply evenly and incubate your eyebrows from about 30 seconds - 1 minute, proceed to engrave again.

The most standard eyebrow sculpting technique

When sculpting eyebrows, you need to use a carving knife suitable for this skin area. Usually, round knives, U-shaped will be more suitable. This type of device will help you to go on curves easily, avoiding your brows from bleeding a lot.

Sculpted eyebrows do not color

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During engraving, pay attention to the following techniques:

  • Need to hold the knife firmly, with the other hand, use 2 thumbs and index fingers to slightly stretch the straight skin to help the engraving line smooth, the ink down more evenly.
  • Wrist is relaxed, force is firmly on the knife, the tip of the knife touches the skin at a depth of about 0.5mm
  • The distance between the fibers must be about 0.5mm, engraving until the ink penetrates there, the final result will be clear and sharp.
  • It is necessary to balance the hand force from the beginning to the end of the eyebrow, so that the new eyebrows will be even, avoiding the situation of dashes or dark places.
  • In the position of 1/3 of the first part of the eyebrow, you only need to apply the ink once so that the eyebrow gradually darkens towards the tail. Thus, the eyebrows will be as natural as possible.
  • When you're done, you need to clean, apply vaseline to lock the color and avoid infection for guests.

Wishing you successful error handling and sculpting the most perfect beautiful eyebrows – Any questions you can contact Miss Tram Beauty Academy!

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