How to Treat Eyebrow Spray Too Dark to Natural Color 2

How to Treat Eyebrow Spray Too Dark To Natural Color Màu

If "accidentally" sprayed the customer's eyebrows too boldly, not as standard as the preset color tone, you don't need to worry too much because we still have a way to handle this case. The method is simple Miss Tram Academy The guide below will help you gain more useful career experience. Please refer to the article!

How to Treat Eyebrow Spray Too Dark to Natural Color 3

How to Treat Eyebrow Spray Too Dark To Natural Color Màu

The cause of the eyebrow color is too dark

Before conducting cosmetic eyebrow spray, you will define the eyebrow shape and advise the most suitable color for the customer. Whether you have a beautiful standard color or not will depend on factors such as:

Ink color mixing technique

Treatment of eyebrows sprayed too dark

To mix ink color, we must base on the customer's preferences and skin color. Specifically:

  • If people have fair skin, they should mix natural brown tones with the ratio of 4 drops of HS-1 (dark brown) + 2 Sienna Suede (brownish brown)
  • For dark-skinned people, the fusion rate is dark brown with 4 drops of HS-1
  • For light hair dye and prefer a golden brown color, we will choose Caramel chocolate color

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Needle technique

If you want your eyebrows to be beautiful and harmonious, you must align the force of the needle evenly, reasonable depth as well as the time to go between each eyebrow. If the needle goes too fast and deep, it will cause blood to accumulate under the skin, even if the eyebrow peels off, it will still leave a mark of dark and light ink.

In addition to these factors, we also need to guide customers to properly care for their eyebrows after work, limit contact with water, apply vaseline regularly and should not peel off the outer ink layer.

Above are the factors that affect the final result when doing eyebrows. It can be said that, although during the learning process, you will be given technical guidance, but not enough experience accumulation can lead to some problems. And among these, the error of making the eyebrows too bold still occurs often.

Treatment of eyebrows sprayed too dark

The eyebrow color is too dark, even turning red mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Using poor quality ink
  • Mix black or brown too much
  • The force of the needle is strong, the needle goes deep into the skin
  • Needle time is too long

When encountering this situation, you need to carefully observe the condition of your eyebrows and choose a reasonable remedy to lower the eyebrow tone to the most natural color.

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The most effective way to handle dark eyebrows

Eyebrows spray too dark what to do

Although you just finished, the color will be much darker than at the beginning, and depending on the body of each person, after about 1-3 months, you will have the standard color, the best shape. However, when done, we need to observe carefully to check your condition.

If the resulting eyebrows are too dark, you need to choose a color treatment to lower the eyebrow tone. If you have darker colors and more red tones, you should use a slightly moss-based ink. If you have less red eyebrows, it is best to use a neutral HS-3 color to return your eyebrows to their original color. Next you proceed to use black brown to spray new eyebrows. We can handle it right away or tell the customer to come back after about 2 months to check the color and lower the tone properly, helping the customer to have the most natural beautiful eyebrows.

Above are the causes and methods of treating eyebrows that are too dark to become natural colors. During the learning process, Miss Tram Academy's experts will provide specific instructions on handling steps and share more tips for you to be confident when encountering these situations.

Hopeful but informative cosmetology academy MissTram shared in the article has provided you with more useful career experiences!

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