Before And After Treatment Of Embroidered Eyebrows With Red Blossom And Queen Eyebrow Sculpture

Realistic Photo Process Of Red And Refreshing Eyebrows With Queen Ink Sculpting.

Before: The customer's eyebrows used to be Rent, now have red bloom phenomenon. So is it difficult to handle and how to make the new eyebrows more beautiful? It's all very simple because every day, Team Miss Tram has to receive dozens of new treatment and beautification cases for customers.

Or: For this customer's case, too, it is not difficult for the specialist to "beautify" the old ink color and "put on" a new outfit for her eyebrows thanks to the technology of Natural Fiber Sculpting. 

So, no matter how "bad" your eyebrows are, don't hesitate to stop by to let Miss Tram advise and fix it for you! 

Review her pictures before and after beauty at Miss Tram below!


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